easily and inexpensively customize your wedding with cappuccino foam

check out these adorable coffee foam stencils!

Recently, I got it in my head that I had seen monogrammed etched foam on a cappuccino. Maybe it's the serious latte kick I'm on lately. It's super cold and snowy in the southern mountains and I can't get enough of my lattes. Anyway, I thought custom foam monograms would be an awesome way to customoze a winter wedding.

I do coffee foam

Maybe not, because I can't find these mythical now, but what I did find are these adorable coffee stencils. Simply shake powdered chocolate onto your stamp covered foam and viola, custom messages in your guests cappuccinos!

mon amour coffee foam

You can also have custom stencils made with your names, or a custom icon or shape! Visit Coffee Stencil's Etsy Shop

~All images from Coffee Stencil's Etsy Shop~