Kraft paper dinner menu with copper wire wrap

Copper Wrapped Menu Tutorial | Kraft and Jute

I’m so excited to announce a new partnership between Mountainside Bride and Kraft and Jute. You’ll remember Kraft and Jute from last week’s styles shoot in Las Vegas. They did all of the stationary for the table, including these adorable copper wrapped menu cards.

Kraft paper dinner menu with copper wire wrapImage by John Dart via Mountainside Bride

Through this partnership, you’ll get awesome how-to videos showing you how to make your handmade projects easier. First in the line up is a how-to video for wrapping your kraft paper menus with pretty copper wire flowers.

You’ll need:

  • 24 gauge copper wire
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Office scissors

3 Easy Steps

  1. Fashion a pretty handmade flower by looping the petals and wrapping the wire around the center to keep in place.
  2. When the flower is done, wrap the menu card.
  3. Secure on the bottom of the menu by folding a bit of the wire up and over to the front and trim and excess wire.

To purchase

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