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Colorado Wedding with Lots of Rustic Handmade Details

I need to bring up a point of clarification today. As you know, I typically love to post ceremony shots and emotional details. Today, I have a gorgeous wedding handmade wedding with so many cute and rustic details, but no people shots. The reason is that Abby and Zack decided not to hire a professional photographer, which is fine. They may have valued the on-site guest experience more than photography, and that is their choice and we must support them in making a choice that was right for them. I know you’ll make the choice that’s right for you :-) Luckily, the designer, Ali, asked photographer Shelley Coar to snap of a few of these lovely details. Thanks both to Shelley and Ali for sharing!!! And scroll down for Abby’s Hindsight Advice. Pay close attention to the advice about the cake.

Abby and Zack Wedding Title

Wooden wedding sign and lace and burlap wrapped mason jars cloth wrapped flower lined basket gazebo with fabric flower decorations giant paper badges burlap draped seat backs picture table with burlap and rustic decorations hanging frames vintage metal A

rustically decorated barn mr and mrs burlap pillow handmade bottle centerpieces A to Z wooden centerpieces stamped burlap centerpieces bottle and mason jar centerpieces cookie topping favors candy bar container with burlap labels A-Z bottle centerpieces dessert bar twine wrapped mason jar quilt display vintage card box with burlap signs wooden sign guestbook red barn with stone facade

Why a mountain wedding?

My husband and I both grew up close to the mountains and have always enjoyed the outdoors. And we wanted to incorporate the beauty of the outdoors. And with getting married in September when the weather was so nice and amazing why not spend in out in the open. We were so happy to be outside on our special day.

Where did you find your inspiration?

My inspiration for my wedding came mostly from Pintrest. I spent a lot of time looking at fall wedding ideas and most of them happened to take place outside. So the year before my wedding I spent looking around outside at the weather and how everything looked and fell in love with this idea! I wanted to be married on a farm/ in a barn. To have that casual yet beautiful feel to it, I knew Zack and I were more of the outdoors kind of people so it fit us better to have more of a casual and fun feel to the wedding. I mean we were married on a working farm, behind were we had the ceremony was a vegetable garden and a chicken coop. While we were out taking photos a goat tried to eat my flowers. It was perfect and felt so right to be outside!

What were some personal details you incorporated?

We incorporated A to Z. With my name being Abby and my husband being Zack, we went with that. Plus when we were just friends we spent a lot of time at a few local restaurants playing trivia and our team was always named A to Z. We would always joke about opening a restaurant or bar or something and call it A to Z. It was us and it stuck with us so adding that to our wedding was perfect. We even had some large A and Zs in our engagement photos for the announcement. It was the theme of our wedding.

Your favorite moment of the day?

How can you pick just one moment of a day that was so perfect and wonderful? The best part of the day was when I saw Zack for the first time. I was walking down an apple orchard for the first part with my dad by my side and once I walked into the area we had the ceremony, I saw Zack. He had this huge smile on his face and a tear in his eye. At that moment I know I was right where I was supposed to be.

Anything you’re glad you did?

  • Hired a stylist: I was so grateful to have Ali to help out with the decorations. She took all my random ideas and put them all together and made them work. She did such an amazing job. I remember the first moment I saw the reception hall, I almost cried because it was so perfect and beautiful! I couldn’t of asked for a better person to help with all the wedding stuff! She was amazing I would recommend her to any and everyone!
  • Spent Time Together:  I was happy with the time of day we had the wedding. We had our wedding in September and we started the ceremony around 5pm. Which was perfect I had all morning to get ready, and the sun setting behind the mountains was beautiful to see, it really made the atmosphere that much more enjoyable.

Anything you wish you hadn’t done?

One thing that we didn’t think about was our cake. We wanted to have a mad hatter cake. A mad hatter cake looks uneven but still stands straight. Our problem was it was too hot and our cake melted and fell over. It’s something we didn’t really think about was the heat and the cake.

What was the best pieces of wedding advice you got?

The best piece of advice we I got while planning our wedding, was to have not stress! My Family and Friends kept telling me to enjoy the time I was planning my wedding and let them stress for me. Especially the day of the wedding its your day to enjoy yourself, and you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing!

What piece of wedding advice do you wish you had followed?

When it came to wedding advice, I was rather open. I had two older sisters who are married, who gave me wonderful advice. I respect and cherish the advice of others. They all had been in my shoes and know what I am going through and I trust that they wouldn’t have leed me the wrong way.

Anything you wish you hadn’t worried about?

I stressed about almost everything, I wish I would of not stressed and just enjoyed the moment.

Anything you wish you knew about sooner rather than later?

I wish I would have been more persistent with the RSVP for the for all the events for the wedding so we knew exactly how much to get on everything and not have to guess.

How did you chose your vendors?

Honestly, I went with family and family friends. My brother in law and sister helped out with the photography, a family friend from church made my cake, we made our own food, and we had only hired three people to help keep the food and drinks filled on the table. Our wedding was buffet style so we really didn’t need to hire many vendors. We did have a preferred vendors list from our venue.

What is your very best advice to other mountain brides?

My advice for a mountain bride would be to have fun. You are planning a party for you and your fiance why not have fun with it! You want to enjoy the moments you are having going up to this big day. Keep your mind open, it’s wonderful to have advice from those around you. They are just trying to help you make your big day as special as it can be! Make sure you are planning with the weather, so you don’t have a mess like we had with our cake. The day before your wedding make sure you are relaxing and getting enough sleep, Because by that point there is not much more you can do. I can’t push more that you should relax and have fun the whole day. A smiling bride is the most beautiful thing! I hope that your day is everything you have dreamed of!

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