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What I love about Rogue Bride:

There are so many things I love about the Rogue Bride. Besides her mad organizational skills on the Bridal Koolaid Cocktail Hour, I love the Rogue Bride for her sass and candor. So many times I totally LOL when I read her blog. She’s hands down one of the best writers to boot.


What You’ll Love about Rogue Bride:

Rogue Bride is in the thick of it. With four months to go until her wedding, she writes every day from the trenches. Have family problems? Rogue Bride does too, and she has a raw and honest take on how ridiculous family members can be. Feel like your vendors have you over a barrel? Rogue Bride has been there and has likely written a post that will validate everything you’re feeling. She may not have all of the answers at the ready, but she’s keen on identifying a problem and making you feel like you’re not alone!

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Biggest blogger crush?
Other than you, Christie, my biggest blogger crush is tied between three extraordinary, opinionated-as-hell women: Cris from Kiss My Tulle, Louise from TheThirtySomethingBride, and Lindsay from FrugallyWed. Asking me to choose is like telling me I can only have two bridesmaids – I need more than that!


Best [hindsight] advice (so far) for weddings:
Rule #1 of Weddings: People will go batshit crazy. People you’ve known all your life, people you thought were sane, crazy, kind, or evil, will turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction as soon as they see the ring on your finger. Actually, that’s not quite it – there’s something about a wedding that causes people to reveal, in undeniable ways, who they really are. You may lose a friend or family member in the process. I think it’s part of the right of passage that is a wedding: to release negative parts of your past and embrace a positive future.

I’m totally addicted to podcasting and Rogue beer (hence The Bridal Kool-Aid Cocktail Hour). Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Rogue brewery, but I really wish I was.

My personal theme song is Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked, by Cage the Elephant. I like my songs to be badass.

When I’m not blogging I’m the managing editor of a women’s adventure travel website. It’s awesome, won’t lie. I’ve been making my living by writing for a few years now.

Etiquette rule everyone should know: Don’t stress out the bride. It’s that simple.

My writing style comes partly from my journalistic background – I question everything – and partly from my desire for complete transparency. I think the greatest service I can provide brides is to be completely open about the nitty gritty side of planning a wedding. The wedding industry lacks transparency in every way because it’s not polite to talk about family politics, money, real budgets, and peoples’ personal choices. My mission is to combat that by being as honest and open as possible about the entire process.

The secret to great marriage engagement is: Choosing a man who will give you great in-laws. So important. So often overlooked as a deciding criterion. I chose my future in-laws very carefully.

Rogue Bride as a litlle girl

Love ya girl! MWAH!