Casting Call | Martha Stewart Wants to Straighten Your Teeth for Your Wedding Day

I had slightly crooked teeth for most of my life. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. After grad school, I invested in straightening my teeth, for health (I was grinding my molars down) and beauty (I had longed for straight teeth ever since I was a child, but my parents couldn’t afford braces.)

Perfect Your Smile with Martha Stewart
Image by Dave & Charlotte Life Style Photography via Style Me Pretty

After spending two years of my adult life in traditional metal braces, I emerged from my orthodontist’s office with perfect teeth and a newfound confidence to beat the band! Three years later, I have to admit secretly admiring my smile in the mirror. I no longer do my funny-month-thing in front of the camera, trying to hide that snaggle-tooth. And I feel so much more confident talking to strangers or dining out (the fear of food collecting between crooked teeth is gone.)

So each year, when the Queen of wedding gorgeousness herself, Martha Stewart, announces her Casting Call for bride bloggers (as if that isn’t enough of a prize) and sweetens the pot with a perfect smile, I HAVE to shout it from the rooftops!

Brides: Your wedding day will likely be the single most photographed day of your life.

If you have dreamed of a perfect smile, or hate having your picture takes (as I did) because of your crooked teeth, let Martha fix them for you! Check out this casting call now!

Martha Stewart Bridal Beauty Casting Call