Horses, Dogs + A Picnic | Camp Highlander Engagement Session

You know I always love featuring camp venues, and Camp Highlander is one of my favorites. This e-session shot by Jill Schwarzkopf is adorable and really conveys the couple’s love for each other and for the outdoors. And those boots! You’ve got to love those boots! Cate, the bride, also wore them at her wedding. Too cute. Make sure you read Cate’s interview below. She talks about her dogs, growing up near Asheville, and how she met Emerich.

From the Bride:

Emerich is from Durham, NC and I am from Asheville, NC and we met while studying at UNC-Chapel Hill. Camp Highlander is my family’s camp and where I grew up not only during those beautiful Asheville summers, but also year round. So when deciding upon a venue for our wedding, it made a lot of sense to us to have it somewhere so beautiful and special to our family. We also wanted to do our engagement pictures there because there are so many beautiful spots around camp but also because both Emerich and I love to be outdoors and in the mountains with our dogs, Buck (short for Starbucks…I have a little coffee obsession) and Roux (I am originally from Louisiana and we both love to cook Gumbo, so Roux was a great name choice when we got our puppy).

Both Emerich and I love natural and rustic settings so we wanted our engagement shoot to reflect that. So Jill suggested we not bring any props and just use our camp (one of our favorite places to be) as our backdrop. I have always loved horses and think they are so beautiful, Emerich on the other hand is a little scared (can you believe that? even though he is so tall!). So it took a little courage and a lot of love for Emerich to be comfortable around my horse, but Jill helped so much!

At the end of the session, Jill surprised us with a picnic! And a bottle of wine to share, which was so nice. Emerich and I love to lay outside and talk and we did just that. The wine and the picnic were a perfect end to a great engagement session.

Team Engagement