Camera for Air-to-Ground Wedding Shots

We have the pleasure of having Natasha the lovely blogger behind Sour Cherry on the blog again today. You may remember her from last week when she posted those Unique Chocolate Favors. Natasha is back with another fantastic and unique find: an aerial camera!

aerial view of lavander fields

Check it out…

There are some things a photo cannot capture. Just try to imagine soft green hills and a landscape with most beautiful budding vineyards. The breathtaking, high pinnacles and meadows in the mountains offer everything a bride’s heart wants. It is but natural that they would love to capture all that mountainside beauty into a high-quality digital image that they can share with dear friends and family members.

Well, you do not need an expensive professional photographer to take one-of-a-kind photos that will amaze your guests and help you capture moments in a way never before possible. You could simply use the Matthew Clark’s Aerial Capture instead. Very practical, this lightweight digital cam will give you birds-eye shots of your big day.

Hovering over your personal stratosphere, the Aerial Capture is attached to a helium inflatable balloon, allowing it to hover a good twenty meters above you and your guests, getting that perfect wedding shot that you have always wanted. What’s also great is that it does away with the boring photographer who tends to poke his cam in your face.

In regards to his innovations, Matthew Clark said, “I design and make stylish products that are playful, meaningful, and finished to a high standard with easy to use interactions.” Aerial Capture proves his words to be true.

All images from: Coroflot except the first one, which is from Trend Hunter

Many naughty boys would love to capture cleavage. But I cannot really blame them for wanting a perfect aerial view of the beautiful mountains. Do you blame them?

See it in action:

About the author:
Natasha is the author of the wedding blog Sour Cherry. In her recent article called the “Statement Bridal Jewelry for Dream- Like Weddings” she reviews very best bridal jewelry for modern brides.