California DIY Mountain Wedding near Lake Arrowhead | Part 2

Krystal + Carlos
August 5, 2012
Skyforest, California (Near Lake Arrowhead)

As promised, I have part two of this lovely DIY mountain Wedding near Lake Arrowhead, CA. Be sure to check out Part one for more DIY inspiration and Krystal’s Real Hindsight advice. I’d also like to point out a couple of steal-worthy ideas, but first check out the remainer of this awesome wedding!!!

bride and rustic wild flower centerpiece white, yellow, and tan paper an burlap DIY bouquet Chandelier and outdoor rustic lounge bride and groom plant a tree classic wedding invitation on a rustic tree branch bride and groom hold pink cupcakes heart shaped escort cards and cuddling bride and groom

wedding jewelry and grandma wedding ceremony with view of the bride wedding ceremony first kiss with bride in short lace dress with yellow ribbon belt bride and groom and just married sign happy wedding guests lounge sign and outdoor reception wedding party portrait with wooden picture frames DIY paper roses and bride and groom steal a kiss in the outdoor lounge bride and groom embrace

Steal-worthy Ideas

You don’t have to have a full sit down dinner for a reception, but you do have to notify your guests of what to expect. Notice on the wedding invitation it says “light refreshments to follow.” That tells the guests not to expect a full beef-or-chicken dinner.

I also love that the light refreshments is a classic mid-century modern way to celebrate a wedding, which ties nicely into the bride and groom’s style. Did you know that traditional weddings would focus on the church ceremony and be followed by a short an dmodest “cake and punch” reception? Yep, which makes this bride and groom classically traditional ;-)

Also notice that there is no alcohol served here, but instead of iced tea and lemonade, the couple, made drink service special by employing a coffee bar. Not only could guests get fancy-schmancy coffee beverages, but coffee is quite delightful with cake and cupcakes.

I think it’s important to note timing for this type of reception. If you don’t plan to serve a meal, make sure your wedding isn’t during a normal meal time. Mid afternoon (after lunch) or late evening (after dinner) makes the most sense for cake-and-refreshment weddings. Also, consider keeping the reception short and simple. You can’t have a four-to-six hour reception with a full dance party without feeding your guests something other than sugar. Just sayin’

Finally, reception aside, I love that both the bride AND groom got involved in crafting all of the DIY elements. If you start early with your crafts, doing it together can be a great time to relax and bond over wedding planning ;-)

Don’t forget to check out Krystal’s real Hindsight Advice, especially her advice about invitations!

Team Wedding

Team DIY

  • Invitations
  • Veil
  • Bouquet
  • Boutonnieres
  • Favors
  • Center Pieces/Flowers
  • Garland for the altar
  • Cupcakes/Desert Table: My dear Aunt Karen