Buy Your Own Damn China

Want china? But don't want to blow your registry wad?

vintage mix and match china

The Rogue Bride (one of my newest favorite reads) is in the midst of a common dilemma: To register for fine china or not.  She writes:

Realistically, this is every girl’s one chance in a lifetime to get fine freakin-China. We’re never gonna buy it. Honestly, we’re probably never gonna use it. So…

Well honey, you're in luck. It just so happens that I have a piece of hindsight advice for you:


We didn’t register for china and, in some ways, I kinda regret it. Sure, I probably wouldn’t use it very often, but it  is very much a chance of a lifetime, because, no, you won’t buy it yourself. On the other hand, would I trade my Wusthof knives, Le Creuset dutch oven or Calphalon pots and pans? Hell no, why, because I love to cook. If I already had all that fine booty, I might have reconsidered the china. But alas, getting stuff I'd use trumped the fancy stiff I probably wouldn't.

My solution: I’ve been collecting a mix-match china set from thrift store. You can find lovely pieces, especially of you live in a city. Estate sales might be worth checking out too.