Burgundy and Pink Lake Tahoe Wedding

Lake Tahoe is never a bad idea to us at any point of the year. Though we can understand it can get a bit risky during the fall because of the rolling rain or snow storms that come without notice sometimes. Luckily for Mark and McKenna, their November wedding day was filled with bright sunshine, and it ended with the most magnificent sunset. Epik Weddings & Events captured all of the glory of the last few minutes of golden hour and the results were some of the most incredible photos.

Why a Mountain Wedding?

A mountain wedding because the mountains are part of our lifestyle. Living in Northern Nevada, we enjoy all that the mountains offer including snowshoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking, and beautiful Lake Tahoe! 

What are three things you’re glad you did?

We are glad we picked our location at Squaw Valley, went with an off-season date and splurged on only our three items because each turned out better than expected!

What are three things you wished you hadn’t done or hadn’t worried about?

There was nothing I wish we hadn’t done, and we didn’t really didn’t worry about anything. We had a seating chart for dinner and I would say that is super stressful. 

How did you find your vendors?

Research! I did one of those bridal expos early on and that would help, but it just inundated me with so much information and so many vendors. We researched vendors we wanted and talked to each one before making our decisions – how well they listened to what exactly we wanted was huge. So many I felt just wanted to rush things along. We were really happy with each one of our vendors expect our rental company (we rented linens and furniture). We actually only went with them because at the bridal expo I had won a gift card for them, so I thought why not?! Saving money. They were terrible to work with and in the end didn’t except the gift card anyway.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for other couples planning a mountain wedding?

Biggest piece of advice for couples planning a mountain wedding would be to know your location when it comes to weather and season and have a back up plan if it turns out for the worst. We knew a November wedding in the Sierra’s was risky. We lucked out and our day was absolutely gorgeous, but it snowed over eight feet three days later.