Build a Wedding Website | Part 5 Integrating Apps

Wix Wedding Website Homepage

Welcome to the final tutorial of Building your Wedding Website the Right Way, with By now, your website is up, it’s beautiful, it’s useful, and it’s pretty much ready to go. If you haven’t yet started building your wedding website, check out the first four videos:

In this final lesson, you’ll make your wedding website more interactive and useful with Wix’s Apps

Select Apps for Your Wedding Website

Select Apps for your Wedding Website

Wix has a number of apps that will make your site more useful and interesting. My top 10 picks are:

  1. Form Builder for capturing RSVPs
  2. Rating Widget if you’d like your guests to rate certain things like menu or venue choices
  3. to integrate your universal wedding registry right into your website
  4. TubePress for Video Galleries for displaying videos (if you have them)
  5. Blogger/Tumblr to integrate your blog
  6. FAQ
  7. The Google Event Calendar To keep gusts abreast of your planning or offer a wedding weekend calendar
  8. Restaurant Menu to display your wedding menu
  9. Contact Form
  10. A Variety of Social Media integration, including Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter

Keep in mind that this is just selection of apps. Be sure to check all of the apps out. You may find an unconventional use for any number of Wix Apps.

hover over wix app

To find out what and App does, simply hover over an app icon to find out more about what it does.

Watch the Video

In the following video we’ll explore three apps I think are crucial for any wedding website:

  • My,
  • The Google event calendar,
  • Display your social feeds.

Remember, Wix and is is totally integrated with other platforms. You don’t have to leave your wedding website platform to sign up for various accounts and integrate them manually. Everything happens right where you’re working.

Wix is super easy to use, and I encourage you to explore the interface and get creative. Because you don;t have to know code to build a completely custom wedding website, your design choices are limitless.

P.S. Please Share!

Once your Wix wedding website is done, send me an email at [email protected] I’d love to feature your handwork!!!