Top 3 Budget Wedding Tips Straight from the Royal Wedding

Champagne Dreams on a Beer Budget:
How you can use Royal Wedding Details to save money

Kate Middleton with small lilly of the valley bouquet
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Yes, even though the Royal Wedding cost 36 million pounds (that's approximately 60 million US dollars), there are a few tips and tricks budget brides can tap into to save a bunch of money:

Budget Tip #1: Opt for Smaller Bouquets

Did you see the size of Kate's bouquet? It was tiny. A far cry from Diana's six-pound cascading bouquet! Kate carried a dainty lily of the valley bouquet that she held with her fingers.

small wedding bouquets
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Budget Tip #2: Limit your number of Bridesmaids

OK, three of Kate's "bridesmaids" were children. I'm not counting those. Her main bridesmaid was her sister, and Pipa fulfilled her role beautifully. She carried Kate's train so it wouldn't get dirty outside. She fluffed and straightened it so it would trail gracefully behind the bride in the cathedral, and she held the bouquet during the ceremony. That's it. And guess what, you only really need one gal for those duties. You save big on gifts, bridesmaids bouquets, and make up when you limit your bridesmaids

One Bridesmaid
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Budget Tip #3: Separate the wedding and reception

After the wedding, together with their families, the bride and groom received hundreds of their distinguished guests. The reception was simple: A light buffet with champagne. Afterward, the father of the groom hosted a formal dinner and dance reception with, presumably, their closest friends and family. 

Small wedding reception with pink and roses
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How you can do the same:

This is a very French thing to do. Have a large wedding ceremony mid day. Invite everyone you think you should. Don't worry about taming that guest list. Take that massive 200 person guest lists on father-of-the groom's office associates, mother-of-the-brides clients and the never-ending parade of your fiancee's diaper changers and invite them to the wedding. I mean Christ, Kate invited the town barkeep, and all of the key head's of states showed up. Invite whomever you want. Invite whomever anyone wants. Then have a simple cake and punch, or cake and champagne reception.  This is a classic southern church wedding tradition.

Later that evening, have a formal reception for your closest friends and family, just like Charles did with his  "dinner and dance" reception. Pull out all of the stops for this smaller crowd of say fifty or so: the delectable meal, the sophisticated decor, the thoughtful favors. Do it up.

intimate wedding reception in a barn
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Can you say: win-win! 

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