Welcome to a Brand New Shiny Year

Well Almost…

New Years Countdown with paper clocks and cut out numbersImage from Fiskars via Pinerest

Hello Mountainside Bride readers, both old and new! I expect that a few of you are sporting a shinny new ring. Christmas kicks off engagement season in earnest and competes with Valentines day for engagement popularity.

So to all of you newly engaged ladies, CONGRATULATIONS!

New years resolution 2Image from Oh Hello Friend Blog via Pinerest

Look for Changes on the Hindsight Bride

For all you seasoned veterans, bloggers and wedding pros, you’re going to see some changes on the Hindsight Bride this year.

You will see:

  • a slightly redesigned blog with more room for nice, big, lovely pictures; better navigation, so you can easily find what you’re looking for; and a more organized sidebar
  • content focused on solid hindsight and wedding planning advice
  • Look back lessons. I started this blog to share my own hindsight advice, and didn’t really follow through. Why? Who knows. I find it difficult to write about myself and my wedding. I’m getting over it though. I’ve been busy combing through my wedding planning notes and am ready to deliver my own best hindsight advice, complete with all the wedding planning tools I used (i.e. timelines, checklists, DIY coloring books and invitations, everything!!!)
  • more DIY projects, especially video reviews
  • plenty of real mountain weddings complete with real brides hindsight advice
  • lots of multimedia, including videos and (of course) podcasts

That is it.

Well, you’ll also see plenty of inspiration for your mountain wedding. But I have taken a look at what you all like, and what you all don’t like and I’ll be dishing up the goods ladies! w00t!

So I’ll see you in 2012!