Bohemian Styled Shoot in Monte de Cutamilla

There’s something special about the backdrop in Monte de Cutamilla for a bohemian styled shoot. Nestled away in the mountains, its warm earthy tones provide the perfect setting for any creative vision of floral abundance and airy vibes. Adding to that charm is a romantic twist as sunlight dances across meadows of wildflowers. We can almost feel the gracefulness brought from nature, and it’s clear why this spot was chosen for such an exquisite photoshoot! The whole design inspiration was a very rural vibe and adding in the horse just made it even better!

If you’re looking for an enchanting spot to shoot a bohemian themed editorial, Monte de Cutamilla is the place to go. From it’s picturesque pine trees and sun-drenched stone pathways, this hidden oasis with its stunning views practically begs to be photographed. Nestled away in Spain’s Aragon region, Monte de Cutamilla offers a mix of old and new charm that provides an idyllic backdrop for any fashion photoshoot.

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