Big Bear Lake Elopement Shoot

Heather + Clifford
November 30, 2011
Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is a special place for Heather and Clifford. It’s where Clifford proposed. While they eloped in Cheyenne, Wyoming and a few days later the couple called Charity Remington and asked if she would do photos of them in their wedding clothes at Big Bear.

Charity says, “It was a perfect sunny day at Bear lake. With it snowing on the previous day, it made for the perfect backdrop against the frozen lake and high mountains.”

bear lake entrance and wedding bands on pine tree

bride and groom kiss at big bear lake

bride and groom shoes in the snow at Big Bear

bride and groom stand near frozen big bear lake

big bear landscape and bride and groom at a Love shoot
chickadee at big bear lake big bear bride and groom kiss bride and groom hold hands at Big Bear

One of the things I love about this Love Shoot is how unconventional its is, and how it illustrates that you can still be married without a big white poofy dress, and thousands of dollars worth of flowers and a million hand-crafted DIY projects. You can get married in a courthouse and it can be beautiful, and intimate, and perfect without stuff. And you can still have gorgeous wedding pictures to remember those first few moments or days of your marriage, without the hassle of a full-blown wedding production. And I can think of no better place for a love shoot than in the Mountains, and Big Bear Lakes proximity to LA makes it a convenient and beautiful spot!

Team Elopement