Best Views in Yosemite | Advice and Engagement Session by D’Avello Photography

Destination Mountain Wedding Photographers, Mike and Brynn from D’Avello Photography, just got back from Yosemite for an engagement shoot and are on the blog today to share the best spots for photography in Yosemite Valley. Scroll down for the best views and vistas for wedding and engagement photography in Yosemite National Park.

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Where can you get the most gorgeous photos in Yosemite Valley

I think an easier question is where can you NOT get a gorgeous picture?! If you’re going to have a session at Yosemite the use of the Valley is a must. To be able to get the scale and grandeur behind your subjects is not only “rad-tacular,” but those natural features–waterfalls, Half Dome, El Capitan–are what make Yosemite famous.

OK, everywhere is amazing, but where can you really get the best photos?

  • The Merced River: Down the valley near the river bed is great, especially if the couple has a connection to the water in some way.
  • Glacier Point: If Glacier Point is open you can’t beat the vista from there.
  • The Tunnel: I love the shot right outside the tunnel coming into the Valley from Mariposa. It can feel a little touristy, because you will have the wall and probably some other lookie-lou’s but if you want to get a view of the park a little higher up without losing the features… It’s a great spot for El Capitan.
  • Tuolumne Meadows: Tuolumne Meadows are amazing, but certain spots are occasionally marked off for restoration. So having a backup in mind is good if you are going that far in.
  • The Mariposa Grove: The Mariposa Grove is one of my favorite spots in the park. The tunnel tree and the overturned tree roots are always fantastic. The warmness of the sequoia’s bark and the really deep green gives any session a deep connection to nature.

Any places to avoid?

Bridal Veil Falls, while gorgeous in person, is difficult because of the height. You can hike to the base and it’s not a bad walk, but the actual falls are so far up and the path is too small to step back and get the effect.

There is a meadow close by in the middle of the roads where you could potentially get a good view, depending on the size of the water flow and lighting.

What’s the Best Time of Year for Yosemite Photos?

As far as timing, I think it depends on what the couple has in mind. The park is gorgeous at any time of year, but obviously it will be more crowded in the summer so you will have to deal with parking issues and people in your photos. We went the first weekend of April and even though the snow was completely gone, a lot of the Park was still closed for winter. I think the optimal time would be right after everything opens in the spring, before the weather brings out all the tourists.

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