birch vases with hydrangeas

How to announce you’re leaving…

Hope all you U.S. readers all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. Now I'm outta here…

…Not really, but I have some big news. I’m going to take a cue from the Mountain Bride when she announced her pregnancy. So here goes:

How to announce you’re moving cross country to California

    1.    Jump up and down when hubby announces he was offered a job in Mammoth Lakes, CA (the town you call “home”)
    2.    Promptly hand in letter of resignation
    3.    Tell mom, dad and few close friends
    4.    Ask on personal Facebook whether Facebook is the appropriate place to announce you are moving
    5.    Gather up the courage to announce the move on the blog and hope that western North Carolina wedding professionals will continue to share their fabulous weddings with me :-)

This last part has been the scariest. While I have collaborated online with people from around the country and world and view this blog as location-independent, I know that not everyone shares my view. Nothing to do about it though, I leave western North Carolina in December.

The blog will not change. I’ll still be blogging about mountain inspiration, covering DIY style, and featuring mountain weddings

And now, a re-post of a few Style Me Pretty pictures of the Eastern Sierra in California, where I'll be living. All images from Joielala PhotograhieScott Lawrence via Style Me Pretty

bride and groom in front of mountain

goldenrod and mountains

vintage post cards

birch vases with hydrangeas

bride and bridesmaids line up in front of mountains

Beautiful isn't it?