An Enchanting Outdoor Engagement

Mike and Diana’s engagement was a sight to behold. Nestled in the midst of nature’s exquisiteness, their outdoor engagement was beyond enchanting. As they exchanged their vows in front of their loved ones, the soft breeze gently rustled the leaves and the sun’s rays cast a warm glow on their faces. The verdant surroundings added a surreal touch to the proceedings, making it a moment to remember for everyone. Mike and Diana’s love for each other shone brightly like the stars above them, adding a mystical charm to the entire atmosphere. The engagement was truly a magical and unforgettable affair.

How did you meet?

These engagement pictures are actually from where we met on the Skykomish (Sky) river at the rapid named Boulder Drop! Both Mike and Diana whitewater kayak and both arrived to paddle the Skykomish with separate kayak crews. Mike took an alternative line down Boulder drop and ended up having a wild ride in a hole hydraulic! After a lot of bouncing, tossing, frantic paddling and surfing, he battled his way out and arrived into the calm eddie to meet Diana for the first time. There was an immediate spark and they were dating within days! The couple’s joke is that they met when Mike fell out of a hole in the Sky (Skykomish river)!

What is your proposal story?

Mike and Diana got the chance to paddle down the grand canyon with their friends for a few weeks! On the way down the river, the team stopped at Havasu creek, a stunning turquoise river canyon with bright red walls. Mike and Diana hiked up to the base of Beaver Falls and when they’d climbed up to the top ledge to take a jump, Mike pulled Diana aside and asked if she’d be his partner for life and presented a toy ring he’d brought as a stand-in for his grandma’s ring. They happily kissed and leaped off the ledge into the deep turquoise waters below! Through the rest of the trip, they took hikes alone up stunning side canyons, talking about the life they wished to build together.

Tell us about the ring/band. Please be as descriptive as possible.

We wear silicone rings because we’re both so nervous about loosing our rings working at the hospital or playing outside. Diana’s ring was Mike’s grandma’s engagement ring and it’s gold with a diamond inlay. Mike’s ring was commissioned by Diana and created by Stone Zamir Parker, an amazing jeweler out by Lake Wenatchee ( He made a beautiful mountain range on Mike’s ring with a mokume wavy colorful sky and carved a bear paw on the ring (since Mike and Diana call each other “bear”). Stone is an incredible artist and good human.

Tell us about your engagement shoot outfits and accessories.

Diana is wearing a knit white dress from Boss, hat from Rag & bone. Mike’s shirt is from 7Diamonds and hat from Brixton.

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