An Elegant Picnic Wedding

Picnics Do Not Always Have To Be "Rustic," They Can Be Elegant Too!

picnic wedding
Image via Jordan Ferney

I have bee in love with this idea every since I started planning my wedding way back in Fall 2008. It is the absolute height of picnic elegance. Look at it! It's is simple, yet luxurious; fun, yet refined, and relaxed yet stylish.

What you would need:

  • A cozy blanket for every couple, family, or group.
  • Comfy, fluffy pillows for every guest
  • A vase of pink peonies for every blanket (I imagine flower foam is used to prevent spills)
  • And an individual, whicker picnic basket for every blanket.

What would you put in your picnic basket? Gourmet Roasted Chicken Salad? Potato Salad with Creme Fraiche? Fresh grilled vegetables from the local farmer's market? A loaf of crusty rustic bread? Rhubarb Lemonade? Wine? European truffles? Wedding cupcakes? Unique family recipes?

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