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The #FF hash tag on Twitter means “Follow Friday.” Each Friday, people use this hashtag and list all of the bloggers and friends they want others to “follow” but they never say why. But I do, right here! Every week I tell you why to follow my favorite bloggers and follow up with a fun interview with them.

Today you should follow Lauren from Every Last Detail.
Follow Lauren Grove from Every Last Detail

Every Last Detail is about two things: 1) Inspiration. After all, it’s called every last DETAIL. Lauren features some of the most beautiful weddings on the internet with lovely and meaningful details to inspire!  2) It’s also about giving couples solid wedding planning advice. What a winning combo, eh? Every Last Detail is definitely one of those blogs you need to have in your reader! ELD’s tag line is “Inspiration, Ideas, and Insight for Brides,” which means, in addition to the Pretty Pretty, Lauren is all about making sure brides have the best advice available.

Lauren Grove from Every Last Detail

What I love about Lauren from Every last Detail:

Like me, Lauren is a “Hindsight Bride.” Looking back on her own wedding, she wished there was someone to give her the inside skinny on things to do, and things to avoid. Lauren had a few of her own Hindsight regrets and wanted to help other brides avoid them. She started blogging to help other brides avoid the same mistakes she made.

I also love how accessible Lauren is. Even though she’s a successful professional blogger, she’s super easy to chat up on Twitter. Or if you have a question about your wedding (or even about blogging) you can FB or email Lauren and she’ll give you amazingly solid advice. When you check out her blog, don’t forget to take advantage of her ELD Wedding 101 section.

What you’ll love about Every Last Detail

In a word: the amazing details — day after day, wedding after wedding, Lauren publishes some of the loveliest! I know I’ve already mentioned this, but it bears repeating. You’ll love all of the amazing advice from Lauren herself, from vendors, and a bit from brides. Lauren has hand-selected the top wedding vendors and each week one of them offers expert wedding planning advice. She has a weekly series called Tuesday Tips, with is spot-on with things to think about while planning your wedding. I get so excited about this series, that you’ll see some of my longest comments on the web on these posts. Third, I love the “Best Advice” from real brides after each real wedding. Just like real “Hindsight Brides” featured here, Lauren’s brides share their experience, details, and best advice. LOVE!

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From Lauren:

My blog in one word: Insightful

My blog is known for: Posts about wedding planning, with inspiration thrown in throughout the week :)

Tell us about your blogging routine: HA. I’ve been blogging “full time” for almost a year, and a few months ago I finally came to the conclusion that it was okay that I didn’t have my posts scheduled weeks in advance. For me, my blog is a million things outside of just blogging, so most of my time is spent doing things besides blogging. But when it comes time for me to write posts, it’s usually late at night… for some reason I’ve become accustomed to writing at night, and it just work for me. To get in “the zone”, I usually put on classical music (commonly piano or classical versions of rock songs- odd, I know, but I love it). When I’m doing wedding posts, everything is totally different though- I jam out to a Pandora station, watch TV shows, whatever. Totally different mindsets. ;)

How did you come up with the name for your blog: It’s funny, because when I came up with the name for my blog, I originally had every intention of using it as my business name for the wedding planning company I was planning on starting. But then, Every Last Detail became a wedding planning resource, and so now it’s what I do full time! When coming up with the name, I knew that I loved the fact that details are what make a wedding unique to a couple. To me, details are everything that make a wedding beautiful and unique. I believe that you can’t have a wedding without details, and so Every Last Detail was born! :)

How did you get into blogging? I didn’t get into blogging the way many “wedding bloggers” got started. I kind just fell into blogging. Here’s my story:

After I got married, I was looking back on my wedding planning and wedding day, and I had all of these things that I wish I had known. Things that I wish I had had someone tell me. Things that could have easily been avoided or just been better overall if someone had told me. And so, I started blogging. Because I wanted to help other brides who might also be in my shoes. I wanted to prevent them from making the same mistakes that I did. Simply put, I wanted to help brides have awesome weddings. Very soon after starting to blog, I took a wedding planning class to learn the ins and outs of weddings. I wanted to know what the “right” way to plan a wedding was. The way that things were *supposed* to go on a wedding day. (Like how your wedding planner isn’t supposed to leave when there are 2 hours left in your reception…) I had no idea what I was going to do with that class — I didn’t even really have intentions of actually planning weddings. But part of the certification requirements were to “apprentice” (AKA work for free) with a wedding-related company, and I figured it was a good idea that would allow me to get more experience with weddings. I ended up apprenticing with a wedding design & decor company, and after a few months, they hired me on as their in-house planner. A few months after that, I started designing events, and the next thing I knew, I was a full-time wedding planner/designer! Who would of thought?! If you had told me in the months before my own wedding that I would be a planner, I would have never believed you. I’d never even had the thought cross my mind about planning weddings! But there I was, planning and designing events — and all the while, blogging away here at Every Last Detail to achieve my goal of helping brides. And then in April of 2011, I made the leap decision to start blogging full time, and so now here I am!

  • Facebook or Twitter? Definitely Twitter. It’s safe to say that I’m addicted.
  • What online tool can you NOT live without? Dropbox. I have pretty much my whole life on Dropbox. It’s a beautiful thing. :)
  • You’d be surprised to know I was in Air Force JROTC in high school- it’s where I met my husband ;)_
  • I’m totally addicted to Twitter and Diet Coke- but trying to break both habits!
  • I think the best part of a wedding is details that reflect the couple
  • I’m a big believer in hiring professionals for your wedding!
  • If I didn’t blog, I’d be planning weddings
  • My signature drink is: Shocktop… and gin & tonic

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