Accessorizing the Geek

Geek Week III

This is the best wedding ring ever. Full stop.

gold USB wedding band
Image from Mashable

This was sent along by "J" himself when I told him I would do a geek week in his honor. It's a custom-made gold USB wedding band was given to the groom with the inscription"for a lifetime of memories," hinting at the USB drive as a storage device. AWWWW, to cute!

For the Groom

Claaaaaaaasssy! Hindsight Groom is not so geeky; his computer use is largely limited to emailing. However, if he were geeky (like ",") I would have been all over these cuff links as a grooms gift! (Hint, hint "S")

silver cuff links with binary code
Image from Geekadelphia

Something Blue

And the bride wore shift keys from an Apple keyboard. I love the blue charms that add the bride's "something blue." 

earrings made from shift keys with blue charms