A Style Guide to Nature-Inspired Bridal Jewelry from BHLDN

Spring and summer brides need to look no further than the blooming wildflowers, budding trees and lush foliage for wedding inspiration. Take cues from Mother Nature this time of year and add a touch of nature-inspired jewelry to complete your bridal look. See BHLDN’s style guide below to find the nature-inspired jewelry look that’s right for you:

Boundless Blooms

Look for earrings, necklaces and bracelets with floral elements like bouquets of blossoms or dainty clusters of blooms to create a romantic and ultra-feminine look. A soft neutral palette with pearl and crystal accents looks elegant on a mountainside bride.
BHLDN Boundless blooms wedding Jewelry
1. Cerasus Necklace with wisps of delicate cherry blossoms, shiny leaves and fine-spun branches | 2. Boronia Drops featuring light-reflecting crystal drops dangling under a four-petaled flower of pearl | 3.  Nadia Bracelet with bold pearl and crystal blooms

Fancy Foliage

If florals aren’t for you, there are plenty of pretty pieces of bridal jewelry that take inspiration from leaves and vines instead for a nature-inspired look without all the blossoms.

BHLDN Fancy Foliage
1. Starry Vine Necklace with slender branches of crystal-tipped gold | 2. Fiorella Drops with a quartet of gilt leaves and dangling pearl dewdrop | 3. Floriculture Earrings with crystal encrusted leaves and buds | 4. Opaline Twig Bangle, a slender gold-dipped branch with a trio of sparkle-studded leaves

Natural Elements

Aside from the abundant plant life, there are plenty of other natural elements that can inspire your wedding jewelry, from a pretty pebble to fresh dew drops. Look for bridal jewelry with organic shapes like those found in nature to represent environmental elements.

BHLDN Natural Elements

1. Coin Pearl Drops with freshwater pearl “coins” look like found gems | 2. Gilded Waterdrop Earrings feature rose-cut crystals that trickle like water droplets | 3. Night’s Light Earrings glimmer like lustrous pearly moons

Earthy Materials

Another way to incorporate nature into your wedding jewelry is by choosing accessories that incorporate earthy materials, such as wood beads, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls.
BHLDN earthy materials
1. Fleur-Pearl Bracelet Made with 14k gold plating, glass crystals and freshwater pearls | 2. Milkstone Bracelet with wood and crystal beads | 3. Quartz Parlour Drops made from 18k gold-plated brass with chalcedony, pink quartz, lemon quartz and white topaz