A Mountain Bride’s Primer for Finding Unique Engagement Rings

If you’re like me, you’re looking for unique engagement rings that will say something about you personally, but will also last the test of time. I mean, as a mountain bride, you’re different. You’re an adventure-loving gal who camps, and skis, and hikes, and bikes. But there are parts of you that are classic, and natural , and timeless. In fact, Nature has kept in in awe for your entire life. So you’re looking for a unique engagement ring that says it all. That tells the world that you love adventure and are unique, but that you’re also timeless (like nature). No problem!  Check out these tips for finding your perfect, and perfectly unique engagement ring!

77 diamonds engagement ring style finder

I prefer a round-cut diamond ring. I think the round cut is classic and it allows me to play with other elements, such as the metal or the band design to add unique touches to the ring. But for me the diamond itself must always be classic. However, if you’re in love with an emerald or marquise cut, 77 diamonds online storefront has a style feature that lets you preview different cuts, and metals. Have fun!!!

OK, here are my picks for finding unique engagement rings:


Cherish round-cut diamond engagement ring

Tip: Mix and match a classic round-cut diamond with and unexpected band design.

Why it works: This modern setting is perfect for active mountain brides. It’s not only unique, the sturdy design means it won’t get caught in your ski gloves, and you won’t have worry about it while camping and gathering wood and the like. The setting is also somewhat akin to the yin and yang symbol, which represents harmony and balance. Quite a statement, indeed!


diamond engagement ring with leaf-inspired band

Tip: Choose a style with an design elements that represent nature.

Why it works: The Dauphin’s unique setting is a delicate petal or natural leave motif works for mountain brides who especially love nature. Additionally, the classic round-cut diamond is flanked by smaller, matching round-cut diamonds. They look like of budding flowers in spring. Very pretty!


round cut diamond engagement ring in rose gold

Tip: Choose a timeless design with a modern metal.

Why it works: It doesn’t get more classic than this round-cut diamond solitaire. But the rose gold band and setting makes it both pretty and contemporary.


ornate diamond engagement ring with yellow gold

Tip: Go for a unique design in a classic metal like yellow gold.

Why it works: Again, mixing and matching classic elements like yellow gold and a round-cut center diamond, with more ornate detailing makes your diamond engagement ring unique without being over-the-top or gaudy. And, did you know gold was the original metal representing marriage? And did you know it’s made from cosmic elements from the beginning of the universe? Cool, huh?


unique diamond engagement ring set in yellow gold

Tip: Experiment with shapes.

Why it works: Again, I went with the classic round-cut flanked by pear-shaped diamonds that give the appearance of a marquise cut, but is, at it’s core, still a classic round-cut. I think yellow or rose gold will set off these shapes the best. This is a very pretty and very elegant diamond ring.

What’s your favorite?