Inexpensive Wedding Band for Mountain Bikers

With Movable Gears…

I first saw this "rad ring" at A Mountain Bride's blog. She has graciously let me re-post here. If you you have not yet checked out A Mountain Bride, you're missing out.

The Hindsight Groom and I wear classic yellow gold bands passed down from out families. But if we were to do something more contemporary, this would be a top contender for a wedding band. And the sub $200, makes it a practical choice for folks on a budget.


The Hindsight Groom, a mountain biker, skier, and general outdoor enthusiast, brought up one caveat: If the man (or woman) who wears this ring really is active, they run the chance of constantly gumming up the gears with dirt, grease, and other debris. He asked, how much cleaning would you have to do regularly to keep that ring looking nice? Great question Hindsight Groom!