Perfectly Unique Gifts Mountain Bridesmaids

7 Perfectly Unique Bridesmaid Gifts for Mountain Girls

Perfectly Unique Gifts Mountain Bridesmaids

Plain Perfectly Unique Gifts Mountain Bridesmaids

Uncommon Goods has our hearts when it comes to finding unique bridesmaid gifts. They use locally-sourced artists from around the world, so you can pick gifts from your home region, your wedding location or even you favorite places to visit. Here are our top picks for mountain brides and their bridesmaids.


We love the idea of giving jewelry to your bridesmaids. They can wear their new jewelry to the rehearsal dinner, the day-after brunch or even on your wedding day. These pieces are inspired by nature and have a fun and modern vibe.

Aqua Druzy Necklace

Aqua Druzy Necklace: The druzy gemstone’s unique texture is created by tons of tiny crystals forming on top of the stone. We love the unstructured, yet modern hand-wrapped, gold-filled wire nest that holds this unique stone in place.

Bee Love Necklace

Bee love necklace: Bees are so important to the survival of both plants and animals. The pollinate the world. This necklace takes the natural beauty of honeycomb and turns it into a lustrous work of wearable art. It’s especially perfect for a farm or bee themed wedding.

Lucky Clover Necklace

Lucky Clover NecklaceFinding a four leaf clover has long been a hopeful token of good things to come. This handmade necklace is crafted from real clovers. They are hand plated in 24k gold and offer a unique and charming gift for all teh forends you feel so lucky to have in your life.

Me And You Venn Necklace

Me and You Venn Necklace: This gorgeous, mixed metals necklace is a lovely metaphor for the strength and beauty of your relationship. This piece is hand-hammered from overlapping discs and is the perfect symbol of how your friendship is much more than the sum of its parts.

Mountain Girl Survival Kit

The mountains can me heart-achingly beautiful They can also be wild places where the wind blows cold, the air is thin and the terrain can be rough. Pamper your bridesmaids while their in the mountains with these lovely gifts.

Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Farm Fresh Farm Experience: Keep your Ladies’ skin and perfect shape with this mini spa kit that includes Lavender Goat’s Milk Bath Tea to gently wash the day away with a luxurious soak.  Wedding Cake whipped Shea Creme to keep skin silky soft in the dry mountain air. And Hint of Mint Lip Balm to keep lips from getting chapped.

Himalayan Salt Detox Foot Blocks

Himalayan Salt Detox Foot Blocks Keep feet soft and beautiful with these foot blocks that are said to draw out impurities and rest weary feet and toes. It is said that this special salt is said to release negative ions that bond to positive ions, pulling toxins from your body while decreasing dust and allergens in the air.

Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers Even in summer months, evenings can get cool in the mountains. Let your ‘maids slip into these cozy and soothing spa-style slippers. The insoles are filled with aromatic lavender buds and thermally conductive flax seeds. In wintertime, heat them up in the microwave, snuggle your toes into their relaxing warmth, and breathe in the heat-enhanced scent of lavender. During the summer, cool them down in the fridge and treat your feet to some sweet heat relief.



Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

Flavor Infuser Water Bottle Everybody needs to drink more water in the mountains. The high-altitude environment makes it easier to dehydrate. To make drinking more water easy and tasty, add some pop to your wedding party’s water with this flavor-infusing water bottle.

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* I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and I actually own Uncommon Goods jewelry and household items so I’ve experienced the quality firsthand.