Camp wedding bride and groom cross a rustic wooden bridge

6 More Amazing Ideas for a Camp Wedding

Last week I brought you steal worthy ideas for a camp wedding. This week I have six more from the same wedding! I just can't get enough of these. Can you?

Camp wedding bride and groom cross a rustic wooden bridge


1) Eco Consciousness

What better place than in the forest to practice eco-consciousness and set a good example to your guests for good forest stewardship? Washing dishes can use up resources: water to wash with and energy with which to heat the water. Not to mention the additional fuel costs of transporting numerous flats of glasses and dishes. By limiting the number of glasses each guests uses, you can significantly reduce the resources you use. Oh, and like many eco-chic ideas, this one will save you money!

directions for a trebuchet bouquet toss


2) Forego Flowers in Favor of "Goods from the Woods"

A bit of ribbon, a sprig of lavender or filler flowers like wax flowers and a sweet little pine cone is all you need for a one-of-a-kind boutonniere. Again this is particularly fitting for a summer camp wedding in the midst of the forest!

pine cone boutonniere


3 )Trebuchet anyone?

This is part craft and part geeky game. The couple crafted a cute, bunting-decorated sign giving directions for the bouquet toss. Basically guests took a hand-crafted banner (made with bamboo skewers and decorative tape) and stuck it into the ground where they thought the bouquet would land. The bride then launched her bouquet into the field with a trebuchet. How fun is that!?


4) Decorate a Big Camp Lodge with Homespun Crafted centerpieces and Table Runners

While you can do anything you want at your camp wedding, it's easiest and lest expensive to go with the crafty camp vibe rather than trying to wring gilded elegance out of the place. DIY projects such as centerpieces, table runners and hand-crafted favors look right at home in the grand hall of a summer camp.

crafty table runners at a camp wedding


5) Serve a Big Fat Yummy Buffet

While you can pull a buffet off at nearly any wedding, I can think of few places where it's more at home than a summer camp. I mean seriously, did you ever get a wait staff to bring your food to the table at summer camp? I think not. To get totally into the groove, I can see you taking one of two paths here. You can serve the food on cute mix-and-match vintage china, or you could go uber kitsch and serve it on camp-provided plastic plates with dividers. Don't forget those cafeteria trays!

buffet at a camp wedding


6) Commemorate It All With a Cozy Quilt

I love quilts in general, but I especially heart a wedding quilt! Here the couple had their invitation printed on a sheet of fabric that was then quilted. What a wonderful idea, especially for custom invitations. I wish I had thought of that!

camp wedding quilt

All Images from Steep Street via Green Wedding Shoes


P.S. It's been brought to my attention that lists should be presented in odd numbers (excepting 10.) So, apparently, it should be "3 Lovely Ideas for your Bridal Bouquet," or "5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Road to the Alter," or even "7 Craptastic Favors You Shouldn't Waste Your Money On." Then their's always "10 Reasons you Must Adhere to Seemingly Abitrary Rules Regarding Lists" Maybe I'll consider that, and maybe I won't, but for today, phooey!