5 Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Adventurous Brides

Not many would think of racing down the aisle on a cycle, or taking a zip line down the side of the mountain to meet their future forever-love, but it is good to remember that a person only gets married once. This day should be immortalized in the memory of everyone as not just a beautiful ceremony, but an exciting one as well!

rock climbing bride and groom

Adventure weddings; they are not for the faint of heart but are perfect for those who are passionate about excitement as much as they are about each other. It is putting a truly unique twist on an outdoor wedding. Below are some adventurous suggestions for a future marriage ceremony. However, before you jump on a horse for the first time on your big day, it is advised that both the bride-and-groom be familiar with the chosen activity so there are no major and unpleasant surprises along the way.


For those mountain bikers or cross-country roadsters that have a passion for speed, involving the bike into the ceremony is a fun twist. The bride can either zoom in on her cycle and perhaps the couple can ride off into the sunset on a two-seater. Furthermore, the newlyweds don’t have to be the only ones letting loose with this theme! For instance, why not have the flower girl toss flower petals from her bicycle basket as she toddles down the aisle? Perhaps the wedding guests can have the option of enjoying a hike through the woods to the top of a mountain where the ceremony is performed (it’s advisable to have a busing option available for those who prefer a tamer mode of transportation). The only downside to this is the bride will have to wear a shorter dress, or pants. For the adventurous type this shouldn’t be that much of a problem, and if a long dress is truly yearned for, can be changed into at the reception. The lovely aesthetic and geometry of bicycles make it a wonderful theme for your decor, whether it is with painted wheels nailed to doors and interwoven with flowers or embellished upon for a centerpiece (a great project for any DIY enthusiast).

biking groom and hitchhiking bride

Zip Line

In a way, marriage is like throwing oneself off a cliff; it is an exciting dive into a new life together, and is a leap of faith that involves a deep level of trust. Tie the knot together and take plunge off an actual cliff via a zip line. It is an exciting rush that can be experienced alongside one another before or after the ceremony. Plus, just imagine the gorgeous natural setting that will make the hearts of adventurous newlyweds sing. The dresses for this can be long, but not extra puffy. It is advised that the bride wear a pair of pants under her dress as she flies down over the juggle, waterfall or mountain, as she wouldn’t want to give unsuspecting hikers an eyeful. Also be extra careful about the rings, as it would be a tragedy to lose them while zip lining.

Sky Diving

Zip lining might not be enough for some adrenaline junkies, so jump off a plane together and get married in a free fall from the sky (not recommended for someone who has never sky dived before). The minister will jump off the plane with the bride and groom, and they will exchange vows in the sky. Of course, this might not be the best place to exchange rings. While the vow exchange will be a process that the two of you will share privately, have your guests waiting for you when you land so they can share in your exhilaration of just getting married (and falling thousands of feet). Keep the vibe airy with an outdoor reception held nearby in the field underneath with tents and casual decor; like your ceremony, give your reception wings by incorporating the popular love bird motif on everything from your cake toppers to your napkins.

sky diving couple

Horse Back Riding

There is a cowgirl and cowboy in most of us, some buried deep down, and what better occasion is there to live out this fantasy than on your wedding day? A lot of girls like to have a horse-drawn carriage to take them to the reception after a wedding, but why not take it one step closer and get married on the horse? The bride and groom can both ride their horses into the wedding and gallop away into the sunset once their vows have been exchanged. Plus, there is nothing cuter at a wedding these days then a nice pair of boots. A dress can be long in this and, depending on whether if the bride can ride side-saddle, a billowing skirt can serve as a plus to prevent the fabric from entirely folding under the legs. Ranch-styled receptions are all the rage, so why not embrace this rustic style with plenty of exposed wood and simple linens.

bride and groom on horseback

Scuba Diving

If the land isn’t exciting enough, take the wedding vows underwater. There might be a challenge in kissing the bride after the I dos but this can always be corrected ten-times over when above the ocean’s surface. This will be a silent wedding. Small signs can be brought down with the vows or the words yes on them. However, the scenery for this wedding can be out of this world. Why not fly to the Florida Keys to swim through the continental US’s only barrier reef or dive among the sting rays of the Caribbean? Scuba gear can be fitted over the wedding dress, but be aware that the garment will consequently be ruined. The amount of people in the wedding (or viewing) is likely to be limited, but many companies that offer this type of marriage ceremony include pictures and/or filming of the event.

Marriage is a new and exciting chapter to anyone’s life; it is bringing two people together till death do them part and it should be celebrated in a unique way. If you want an exciting wedding, make your nuptials an adventure!

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