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5 Wedding Cake Questions You Didn’t Think to Ask But Should

The wedding cake tradition dates back to ancient Greece, when, to ensure fertility, the bride and groom would exchange crushed sesame cakes. The tradition was carried over to the Middle Ages when guests would crumble wheat cakes over the couple’s heads to wish them fertility and good fortune. In sixteenth century England, the humble wheat cake was supplanted by a sweet, edible dessert. During the same time in France, the modern wedding cake was born as a frosting coated, multi-tiered work of art that has become an iconic part of weddings today. But let’s face it, you’ve never hosted a fete this size, so you may have lots of wedding cake questions. I’ve got you covered!

Top 5 wedding cake questions every mountain bride should ask:

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#1 How Much Cake Do I Really Need?

If your wedding cake is your only dessert, plan to offer one slice to every guest. If your wedding cake accompanies an elaborate dessert bar or your caterer is serving dessert in addition to the wedding cake, allow for 70% to 80% to be served as wedding cake as well.
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#2 I’m A Destination Mountain Bride. When Should I Order My Wedding Cake?

If wedding cake is at the top of your list of priorities and you have your heart set on an elaborately-designed cake, start looking for your designer 6 months before your wedding. Otherwise, the standard 3 months will suffice.

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#3 I Want My Guests to Stay and Have a Good Time at My Reception. When Should I Cut The Cake?

There are two main options: Typically the cutting of the wedding cake symbolizes the end of the evening, so most couples opt to cut it at around 45 minutes before the end of the reception. However, if your wedding cake is also dessert, you may want to cut it before the food is served so it’s ready to go as guests finish dinner.

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#4 I’m a Foodie. What’s the Secret to Pairing Champagne and Wedding Cake?

Opt for a sweeter champagne or sparkling wine to pair with your sweet wedding cake, like demi-sec,sec Champagne, or Moscato d’Asti. Opting for a dry champagne, such as Brut or Extra Brut is to be avoided at all costs. The sweet cake will make your dry champagne taste disgustingly sour and bitter.

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#4 What Are My Options for A Wedding Cake If I’m Gluten Intolerant (or have other food restrictions)?

One of my favorite options is cheese cake. Not Philly cream cheese cheesecake, but those lovely cheese wheels stacked on top of one another so that they resemble a wedding cake.

Aside from the obvious non-cake alternatives, like cheese wheel cakes and Rice Krispy treat cakes, there are many mountain bakers who can make you a delicious gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, or vegan wedding cake. The best part is that these specialty bakers can make these cakes taste delicious, so you don’t have to worry about guest disappointment!

You can also serve a traditional wedding cake and have a smaller specialty option for yourself or some of your VIPs. Otherwise you may also opt for specialty cupcakes and treats on a dessert bar, with your wedding cake as the centerpiece.

Be careful! Make sure that your specialty cake is cut with its own knife. Many people’s allergies are so severe that even the tiniest amount of contamination can make them ill.

By asking yourself the 5 questions above, you’ll ensure that you have enough time to prepare for your cake, and that you will have the perfect wedding cake on your wedding day.

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