5 Honeymoon Spots for the Adventurous Couple

It’s honeymoon time.  Planning your honeymoon just might be one of the highlights of your process.  If you and your significant other crave adventure, this might just be the list for you.  Break out of the mold and pick a honeymoon destination that will get even the most seasoned adrenaline junkie’s blood pumping.  These destinations are stacked with the most daring adventures you can take as a new couple. But on the flip side, there are plenty of opportunities to relax and soak up the sun and take a much-needed break.  Including some phenomenal dining from world-class chefs. This coupled with amazing resorts for you to rest and regenerate after a long day of adventure seeking. Let’s explore our 5 picks for adventurous couples.

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Our list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include an African safari experience.  Kenya has so much to offer for a honeymooning couple we wouldn’t be able to cover it all.  Start off with a safari of your choice. There are group tours, and there are also more private tours that you can take to really get up close and personal with the wildlife.  If you are feeling extra brave, try a hike up Mount Kenya and check out the sweeping views and wildlife. If you are looking to add some extra romance into your honeymoon, try the hot air balloon ride.  Sip champagne while flying above the fantastic views of the terrain and if you’re lucky some really cool wildlife. For extra credit, try it at sunset.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country to explore on your honeymoon.  Adventure seekers from all over the world come to Costa Rica to visit their Manuel Antonio, National Park.  This dense rain forest offers the chance to see monkeys, toucans, and other fantastic rain forest inhabitants.  The zip line course is out of this world. You can take an entire day sliding from tree to tree with heart-pumping speed.  If you are lucky, you may even be able to see a sloth! Plus, there are tons of different resort options, including some that are situated right in the rain forest for the ultimate romantic getaway.

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Arctic Circle

While this isn’t exactly the easiest destination to get to, it is one of the most amazing.  Begin your journey as a newly married couple with an expedition to Antarctica. You can choose from many different cruise options, that vary in length and experiences.  You can take whale viewing cruises and even see and maybe interact with penguins. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore a place that is virtually untouched by man.  Plus, your photos will be amazing and Instagram worthy. It’s the perfect destination for couples that want to break out of the norm and do something different for their honeymoon.

French Polynesia

If you are excited to begin your honeymoon exploring under the sea, French Polynesia is the place for you.  It is filled with amazing tropical fish, sharks, and other beautiful undersea things to check out. Check out Bora Bora for a fun activity filled place to spend your honeymoon with other couples.  If you are into a more secluded vacation, you could stay at the island, Rangiroa.  This island has fewer than 3000 inhabitants so you will feel like you have the island all to yourselves for a romance filled time.


 If you love the outdoors, you will enjoy visiting Chile.  The Atacama Desert offers some of the most scenic desert hiking around.  Located on the Pacific Coast side of Chile, the Atacama Desert has over 600 miles of desert terrain to explore.  You can hike or ride desert bicycles during your stay. For a unique romantic excursion, try horseback riding at sunset.  After a day of adventure, relax at your resort and experience unparalleled dining and drinks. It’s the perfect destination for both excitement and romance.

Your Next Adventure

Your marriage is a journey, and for the adventurous couple, why not kick it off with some excitement.  Many traditionalists opt for a beach vacation in a tropical location. Other extremist travel to remote areas of the world to seek out the ultimate experience.  If you are a beach lover but crave excitement, try booking an excellent vacation at one of these resorts that offer the perfect mix of relaxing and beach time coupled with all the excitement you would expect from any of the locations highlighted above.  Have fun on your next adventure!

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