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5 Fresh Nature Inspired Wedding Rings

As a mountain bride you want stylish wedding rings that stand out from the crowd and refer to your love of nature. 

Fragments is a NYC-based jewelry boutique, featuring  handmade jewelry by US designers. But you don’t have to travel to Manhattan to nab one of these gorgeous pieces. Fragments has a robust selection of fine and fashion jewelry online, including one of my favorite designer, K Brunini, who specializes in fine jewelry inspired by nature. Other designers include: Melissa Joy Manning, Alex Supkus, Borgioni, Etho, Elizabeth Cole, and Mallory Marks (to name a few).

Here are my top five fresh nature-inspired wedding rings from Fragments.

Plain Twig Ring


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Nothing says nature like this sweet understated plain twig ring by K Brunini. It can be worn as a wedding ring or given as a gift to the bride on her wedding day.

Rutilated Diamond Halo Ring


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Melissa Joy Manny marries modern with organic in this gorgeous unstructured diamond halo ring. The perfect piece for the Mountain Modernista!

Gents Twig Ring


Plain Twig Ring see more at

Handsome handcrafted twig ring in classic yellow gold is a perfect wedding band for a nature-loving groom.

Starburst Set Band


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This  beautiful unstructured starburst diamond band set in rose gold is perfect for the romantic bride who loves diamonds

Antler Ring


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Tell me this isn’t your absolute favorite ring ever. A perfect engagement ring for the new traditionalist. Classic teardrop diamond is set yellow gold, but the antler design gives it a woodland twist.

What’s your favorite nature-inspired wedding or engagement ring?

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