3 Steps To Ensure Your Details Look Perfect at Your Wedding

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Many of you worry about your wedding day details. You’ve spent months planning and  carefully choosing every last detail to ensure that your wedding shines. So on your actual wedding day, when you;re getting your hair and makeup done, and hanging with your ‘maids, how do you ensure that all of your details look perfect?

As you may already know, I was the day of coordinator at Rogue Bride’s Wedding. And there are insights I gleaned there. Insights I want to share with you. Rogue spent a lot of time thinking about how her details would be laid out on her wedding day. She even went as far as practicing the set up of her sari backdrop. But on her wedding day, her vision was almost  lost in the mix. Though everything turned out fine, scroll down to learn how to ensure that your details look perfect on your wedding day.

flower girl at rogue brides wedding

Rogue Bride's Intended Sari Backdrop

Rogue Bride and Dad in front of real Sari

1) Practice: First things first: practice setting up all of your details. It’s not enough to have a pile of lanterns, kick-knacks and paper products and an idea. Set everything up the way you want it. Do a table scape of your dining room table. Set up a mock cake table,  escort cart table, and favor table.

2) Take pictures: Once you have everything the way you like it, take pictures. That way, your set-up team (whether paid or not) has a visual reference to execute your vision.

3) Pack everything appropriately: If you really want to make it easy for your set up team, pack all of your details in clearly labeled boxes or bins. I.e. “Cake Table Set up.” Put a copy of the picture just inside the box on top, so it won;t be over looked.

4) Give pictures to set up team: In fact, go over the pictures with your planner or team lead before hand, so she can better coordinate all of your lovely details on your wedding day!

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