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Technology Tuesday: iPod DJ made Easier

Collaboration can make play list creation easier, but how do you share it on your blog or wedsite?

Outdoor indie wedding dancing
Image from Olivet via Ruffled Blog

Compiling our play lists for our DIY iPod wedding music was daunting, very daunting. In the beginning I solicited ideas and feedback on my wedsite, but it didn't have a built-in play list function and I didn't have time to find one. My calls for music flopped and I had no way to suggest play lists for review.

In the end, I avoided the whole project until the week of the wedding. I heaped it onto D.s plate and told him to create dinner and dancing play lists  that wouldn't offend the older guests. (This really wasn't a problem since he was raised on music. He did beautifully. Everyone had a great time enjoying the music and dancing.)

Asheville Indie Wedding Dancing
Image from Josh Goleman via Ruffled Blog

While the music he chose was appropriate for both our guests and the whole vibe of the day, as a blogger I stayed on the hunt for a decent play list maker. I have recently stumbled upon PlayList.com when I was looking for a way to embed a song for my Amelie's Wedding post.

There are several features I like about PlayList.com.

  • You can compile music in personalized play lists and share them on your Website or blog.
  • Overwhelmingly, most of the songs are full length.
  • You can search other users' play lists who have selected your song, helping you to generate ideas.
  • PlayList.com makes this easy to share with most blog and social media platforms by automating the embed process.
  • And you can customize the play features, including auto play (which I wouldn't recommend,) custom skins, and custom colors.
  • The PlayList.com community has similar features as Facebook and Twitter. You can meet, follow, and message other users.

There are also several things I do not like about PlayList.com .

  • Play list is great for popular songs but not so great for more obscure music. Most of our guests at the North Carolina Wedding were parents, family and friends of parents and family. We chose music that would appeal to aging hippies and make sense at a BBQ picnic in the mountain south. Artists such as Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, Willie Bobo, and Toubab Krewe are not listed on PlayList.com. Out of 35 songs, I found 6 on PlayList.com. So if you are going for alternative or Indie music, you may not find everything you want at PlayList.com
  • There is no way for people to vote on songs or play lists.
  • The PlayList.com community is still new and growing. So you may find the community a bit small.

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