Springtime Inspiration in the Middle of Winter

Guest Blogger Lizzie From Love Your Way

OMG. In hindsight,  I cannot believe I posted the letter from the photographer on the eve of my vacation. So sorry I’ve been MIA this week. D. and I have been camping and I’ve had limited cell phone service. I have been journaling a lot, especially regarding my own postion on Meg’s letter. In the meantime, Lizzie from Luv Your Way has graciously agreed to guest post today.  I’ll be back next week…

If you guys don’t already love Christie…you should. She’s taking a much-needed vacation with her husband and she asked me to guest post. I wrote and wrote and wrote about a series called Marriage Demons we did a while back. I wanted to wrap up my learning experiences from the fantastic women who wrote about how things change after marriage. The problem? You guys! It was mopey. It was too cynical and weird and depressing. I re-read it and needed a pep-talk about marriage. Yikes. I’m still learning about the ropes of marriage. So I’m not the one to teach you.

Instead! We’re planning our wedding for November of next year. I don’t know about you, but I’m the most bipolar season-lover of all time. In Winter, Spring is my favorite season. In Spring, Fall. Fall, Spring. Never Summer. Forget Summer. (When you live in the 110 degree Summers of Texas, you hate Summer).

I have to say, I love the idea of rockin’ a Spring theme in a Winter wedding. Snow, bare trees, a crisp chill…with a wildflower bouquet, succulents and soft-illustrated details? I love it.

Image Credits: (Clockwise, starting at top left) 1. Sweet Illustrated Invitations by Oh My Deer Handmade 2. Modern Wildflower Bouquet by Chelsea at Frolic! on Delightfully Engaged 3. Natural Bridesmaid Dresses on Hayden Olivia 4. Romantic Reception on Style Me Pretty 5. Spring Succulents on Green Wedding Shoes 6. Buttercream Wedding Cake on Martha Stewart Weddings

Lizzie is a design-y, lifestyle-y, relationship-y blogger and writer at Love Your Way with her rad designer fiance Isaiah. She recently graduated from college and is going through a pretty public “What-Does-It-All-Mean” phase. Oh, boy.

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