Rustic Glam Mountain Wedding with a Touch of Blueberry Pie

Charlotte and Lex’s love story is as sweet as pie, literally! From beginning their relationship by splitting a piece of blueberry pie at the end of their shifts, to Lex proposing, seven years later, with a similar piece of blueberry pie but with a little more bling on top, their story was nothing short of charming! When it came to planning their wedding day, Charlotte had always loved a roaring 20’s theme, so decided on an art deco vintage inspired vibe. That 1920s style inspired a lot of the décor design, from the gold printed wedding cake to the beaded gowns and black-tie attire. They also had an outdoor lounge for guests, complete with custom neon sign. The night ended with, you guessed it: miniature blueberry pie tartelettes, as a call back to their tradition and proposal story!

How did you meet?

We met one summer when he applied for a job at the restaurant my parents owned. We flirted during our shifts together and started dating shortly after. Each night at the end of our shift, we would split a piece of blueberry pie.

What is your proposal story?

About 7 years later at the same restaurant, he ordered me a piece of blueberry pie for old-times sake, and it came out with a diamond ring on top and he proposed in the same place we first met! I said yes!

Tell us a little a bit about your wedding (your vision, color, style, and location choices).

We got engaged late 2018, and I loved the idea of getting married in 2020 because of the round year and entrance into a new decade. I toyed with a New Years Eve “roaring 20s” wedding, but ultimately wanted to be married in the fall. That art deco-vintage inspired vibe from the 1920s inspired a lot of my décor/ideas, and luxe feel without being too overly themed. I’d also been dreaming of a black-tie wedding for most of my life, and wanted the feel of the day to convey that without forcing people into tuxedos.

Tell us about your attire choices.

My groom wore a 3-peice tuxedo with an ivory jacket, black bowtie, and black tuxedo pants/shoes. I also gifted him an inscribed gold pocket watch that he wore in the breast of his vest which was a nice touch. He purchased it from the Black Tux and had it tailored to look more fitted. We loved the vintage James Bond-y type look it gave him. I wore a Willoughby by Watters A-line gown in an ivory white. The top was intricately beaded in a deco pattern with a mesh/beaded back and a full tulle skirt. I loved the intricate beading on the dress and lightness of the tulle skirt. The tulle also felt super romantic to me which I loved.

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?

The details were my favorite part! Here are a few: We rented tall coupe-style glasses to serve champagne in as a callback to that Gatsby-esque 20s vibe I was going for. We had gold art deco stenciling on our wedding cake that turned out gorgeous, and also displayed desserts in delicate gold glass boxes. On the dessert table, we had miniature blueberry pie tartelettes as a callback to our tradition/proposal story. We had a coffee bar outfitted with tons of vintage tea cups and saucers that I collected from antique shops over the previous year and a half. I loved that my husband dressed in a classic ivory tuxedo with a black bowtie instead of matching his groomsmen exactly. I also loved that my bridesmaids were in beaded gowns. We hired a photobooth service that had a setup that looked like an old-timey flashbulb camera that was another nod to the 1920s. We also had a stunning outdoor living room set up that was my favorite spot to hang out during the wedding. We decorated the existing outdoor space with rented vintage furniture and luxe pillows/blankets to make everything feel a little more fancy/cozy. We put out a selection of miniature perfumes in the ladies bathrooms which felt really upscale/black tie to me instead of a bunch of toiletries. I also displayed a wall of photos of weddings past from both of our families/bridal party (as far back as we could trace photos!) alongside the gift table which I felt was a special feature and also showcased family members who were no longer with us. All of our signage was done on antique gold mirrors sourced from antique shops. Our aisle setup was marked with antique side tables that I refinished, which was another favorite detail of mine. We had candles and lanterns absolutely everywhere in all different gold/clear holders. The actual candlelight really made the ambiance special. I also put special attention into assembling the invitations and used a wax seal and gossamer ribbon!

What were your favorite parts of the day?

I loved reading our vows to each other out in the sweeping field at our venue. I also loved our first dance. Then there was having that first glass of champagne after the ceremony out in our outdoor living room set up together. I also really enjoyed getting ready with all my bridesmaids and taking pictures. The whole day was amazing, it’s hard to choose!

Please describe any DIY, handmade, or personal details.

Being on lock down for most of 2020, I had a ton of time for DIYing! I DIYed all of our signage using a Cricut and applying vinyl to vintage gold mirrors. It looked really high end, but was super cheap! I also used a thick board of plywood, wainscoting/trim, and a vintage table cloth as wallpaper to make what looked like a stand alone section of a vintage parlor room wall. We then used it to display a gallery wall of wedding photos from our families and friends. It was one of my favorite touches! I used a DIY copper pipe arch that I made to display a wedding neon of our initials. I DIYed the aisle markers by refinishing antique end tables. I also DIYed the table runners by dying raw cheese cloth to get that gauzy faded look, and layered that with undyed cheese cloth to give it some dimension-that one saved a ton of money. Like I mentioned, I sourced antique furniture, including a child’s secretary desk to display a coffee bar on that I outfitted with antique tea cups and saucers that I had been collecting from local antique shops.

Why a Mountain Wedding? What’s your biggest piece of advice for other couples planning a mountain wedding?

I really enjoyed having a long engagement. It gave me tons of time to plan specifics and do DIYs to save some money. I would also make a google-doc to organize all your brainstorms about venues, vendors, details, measurements etc. and keep a running to do list to make sure you stay organized. You don’t need an event planner! Sourcing decor from local antique shops, Esty, and Facebook market place were life savers! Also, avoid decorating the day-of if you possibly can, you’ll want to relax before the festivities begin. But most of all, just have fun and cherish it. Planning my wedding was the most fun anticipatory two years of my life.

Event Credits

Furniture RentalsChickadee Hill Events
OfficiantHillary Read
Wedding DressWillowby by Watters
Groom’s AttireThe Black Tux
Bridesmaid DressesAdrianna Papell
Engagement RingVRAI
Wedding RingVon Bargen’s