Make your own Blue Mason Jars {DIY Find}

super market flowers in blue mason jars

This has long been one of my favorite DIY projects, and I have been in love with this idea since I saw it on A Mountain Bride back in the day. I've thought of them ever since. Not only do I want to share this awesome find with you, but it will be the subject of my next DIY Try video. Yup, I ordered my vitrea 160 turquoise paint and thinner from Cheap Joes. Since I love me some Depression Era glass, I also ordered pink and purple.

pink peonies in blue mason jar

Full instructions, and the one's I'll be referring to, are on Bridal Buzz. Not interested in making your own blue mason jars? Find tons of them on Etsy here. Also, you can use left over mason jars to organize your pantry.

antique blue mason jars in a pantry