Intimate Mountain Elopement in Georgia

Much to our delight, this elopement is totally a real wedding. We took one speedy glance at the shots from Rustic White Photography and immediately assumed that we were staring at a beautiful editorial nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of northern Georgia. A lovely surprise later, we found out that Taylor and Rainge had the most epic elopement we’ve seen and the execution was impeccable. The pair had a sweet, brisk breakfast date at a spot they cherished since their collegiate days, then they sojourned to Juliette Chapel where their celebrant and their organic, greenery installation awaited them. After enduring a long distance relationship and many drives back and forth between Georgia and South Carolina, Taylor and Rainge finally began their lives together.

Why a Mountain Wedding?

Originally from Wisconsin, the mountains pulled him all the way down south. Driving winding roads and being in nature are things he loves and wanted to experience on their big day. 

What are three things you’re glad you did?

Having a closed wedding allowed Taylor and Rainge to completely focus on the meaning and significance of the day rather than worry about family or friends. After the ceremony,​ they drove into town to have dinner with family, which allowed everyone to feel part of their day. They trusted the experts around them and only focused on the details that really mattered to them. 

What are 3 things you wished you hadn’t done or hadn’t worried about?

Taylor wishes she had spent less time worrying about whether people would be disappointed they were not included because family and friends were incredibly supportive. They spent more time than necessary worrying about the weather, which in retrospect is one of the things we control the least so why dwell on it. Rainge wondered how it would feel to have such an intimate experience photographed but realized that professionals make the experience feel both natural and special. 

How did you find your vendors?

After identifying a spectacular planner, Taylor gave her as much autonomy as possible. She admired the past work of Candice and trusted her ability to find the right vendors to bring her vision to life. 

What’s your biggest piece of advice for other couples planning a mountain wedding?

Go for it! The wedding is just the beginning, not the pinnacle. Being in nature, especially surrounded by the majesty of the mountains is humbling. It helps you put small anxieties in perspective and focus on the beauty of the day. 

Event Credits

Ceremony VenueJuliette Chapel
Ceremony VenueCandice Lorraine
Ceremony VenueAnna Brown Studio
Wedding DressBHLDN
Groom’s AttireThe Black Tux