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Guest Post on A Mountain Bride:
What I'm Glad I Did!

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I am so flattered Jes asked me to join the company of such a fantastic pool of guest bloggers on A Mountain Bride. For those of you who are new to A Mountain Bride, Jes graduated with her Ph.D., got married in the beautiful mountains of Flagstaff, and is moving across the country from AZ to NY (all within 3 weeks!) Please check out not only Jes's blog (and my post) but also the fantastic guest posts from real brides who have shared their stories and dished up plenty of hindsight advice these past couple of weeks!

Today is one of my favorites: A post about what I'm glad I did. In hindsight, I was surprised with what ultimately made me the happiest. It wasn't having the perfect linens, flowers, attire, champagne, makeup, cake, favors, or insert here the-material-object-you-think-will-make-or-break-your-wedding. It was the fact that my bridal party was completely mis-matched but happy, and that our DIY projects brought the Hindsight Groom and I closer together, and that I grew as a person, and that I emerged from the wedding planning process with a bonded to a wonderful life partner, and that the ties to our families were strengthened. Read more at A Mountain Bride