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Glammed Up Winter Military Wedding in Colorado

Real Hindsight Advice

Claire + John
January 21, 2012
Aurora, Colorado
Because John comes from a long line of soldiers, Claire and John chose details that honored fallen soldiers  throughout their wedding.  A table was specifically designed to remember and honor fallen soliders, and the bride carried her grandmothers broach and my grandfathers dog tags on her bouquet. Still this wedding also had its fair share of elegant and classic details. Just look at Claire’s romantic pink and white rose bouquet. Check out those elegant candles, the pretty centerpieces, and the wedding dress-inspired cake that made this wedding chic and glamorous! And what mountain bride doesn’t LOVE those gold sequined Uggs?
wedding dress with glamorous bead work colorado wedding dress hanging by a custom hanger clair and john custom wedding hanger make up brushes and tools wedding tiara and colorado bride doing her makeup portrait of bride and bridesmaids gold sequined Uggs
glamorous silver wedding shoes colorado bride holding pink and white wedding bouquet ornate colorado church navy wedding invitations and white candles colorado wedding portrait and bridal bouquet colorado church wedding ceremony grandfathers dog tags adorn a colorado brides bouquet wedding rings and colorado ceremony bride holding pink and white rose bouquet kisses her groom Colorado bride and groomsmen Elegant Glam tablescape NY Yankees Grooms Cake Colorado Wedding Reception wedding dress inspired wedding cake bride and dad share an emotional moment colorado bride and groom kiss in a vintage car bride and groom in vintage getaway car

Why a Mountain Wedding?

Being military we had ties all over, but Denver was truly our home together and we wanted to share that part of our life with our friends and family.  Besides, what better setting for a winter wedding than the rockies?

Where did you find your inspiration?

It started with the season and the location, we wanted to embrace the winter in our theme and the setting provided so many great ideas.  From there, Claire spent time looking for elegant winter themed ideas and tried to incorporate our love of vintage styles.

Any thing you wish you had done?

We’re trying hard here, it really feels like we had everything we could have possibly wanted.  If pressed we’d say maybe a seasonal themed specialty cocktail and a little more time to visit with everyone travelling in.  But, honestly everything just seemed to come together so perfectly it’s hard to imagine anything different.

Any thing you wish you hadn’t done?

Again, nothing that really strikes us… the disposable cameras were nice to have but the evening was so engaging that most people didn’t even think to put them to use.  We did a picture frame project that turned into a painting nightmare which was more trouble than it was worth.  Shoulda kept that one simple.

Any thing you wish you hadn’t worried about?

Maybe just generally not worrying as much.  We had such great vendors, doing the homework to select them really paid off… there were times we needed to remember to relax and let the professionals do their thing.  Worrying about the dress fiting seems silly in hindsight, again… trust the ladies at the dress shop!

What is your very best hindsight advice?

Start early, do your homework, know what’s important to you and let the professionals help you bring it all together.  Remember it’s a team effort and have fun in the process.  Make dress shopping a girls day out, make tastings into little afternoon dates with your fiancee.  Be as sensitive/accomodating as you can to others without compromising what’s important to your own wedding… but most of all just have fun with it and stop to enjoy the little things on your way.

Team Wedding