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Find the Perfect Products for Your Wedding without Wasting Time and Money

Studio Wed Box

If you’re like me, you fall into one of two groups. You’re either:

  • A) Living in the Boonies and don’t have regular access to boutiques or even malls and department stores.  For me, the closest Walmart is a 2.5 hour drive from me (not that I’m complaining…); or
  • B) You’re a busy professional with a career and a full social life, and you don’t have the time to devote your entire life to full time wedding planning for a year.

Actually, if your like me, you fall into both categories. I’m remote and I’m busy. That’s why I rely on subscription services to introduce me to new and high quality products. I’m addicted to my BirchBox because it let’s me try samples of products with out wasting the time, money and gas on trying a full-sized product that won’t work for me.

So when I heard about StudioWed’s new wedding subscription box, I HAD to try it for myself. I was ready to beg for a sample. Luckily Nicole was gracious enough to send one along, no begging required.

Introducing the StudioWedBox

StudioWedBox is a subscription that you can sign up for and receive a monthly box delivered to your front door!  We are not only delivering the best products in the industry, but are personalizing each box with tips and items to help in the planning process. Each month you will receive samples and products that are truly a wedding must!

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In My Box

  1. May Designs Custom Notebook
  2. Peary Wipes stain remover for teeth
  3. Bling wipes jewelry cleaner towelettes
  4. Solemates high heel accessory that prevents sinking into grass
  5. A wonderful congratulatory note.

Any one of these products would be perfect in a Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit. You could give your ‘maids a lovely piece of jewelry, pashmina, or some other gift and a box full of wedding day musts. The best part is there’s no guesswork for finding the perfect products. Samples are delivered to your door each month.

If you’re like me and you love your BirchBox or NatureBox, the StudioWedBox is a must. I promise!