printable rsvp card with sparrows

Printable Wedding Invitations | How-to Videos

Printable wedding invitations are an affordable option to custom wedding invitations. In fact, one of the most popular posts on the Hindsight Bride is the vintage bicycle printable wedding invitation kit by e.m. papers. (You can also download the entire suite for $10 bucks! The suite includes RSVP cards, escort cards, thank you cards, and a menu. Find it HERE.)
printable rsvp card with sparrows

Yes, they’re free, but keep in mind you’ll also have to pay for materials. You’ll also want to practice and buy enough paper and materials to allow for mistakes. Figuring it all out can be tough, especially if you’ve never printed on such a large scale before.

So when I saw in her newsletter that Eleanor had made a few how-to videos I just had to share it with you. You’re welcome ;-)

NOTE: each video has the same basic information, but is slightly customized to the type of invite being printed. You need only watch the video for the product you downloaded.

Printable Wedding Invitations



Printable Save the Date Cards



Printable RSVP Cards


Printable Wedding Invitation Tips:

  • For e.m. papers templates, only use Adobe Acrobat Reader to get the full functionality. (Don’t use other readers like Mac’s Preview).
  • Print your invitations once on regular paper to make sure it looks OK before printing on your card stock.
  • To reuse invitations and save the date cards for other events, simply “save as” and rename the document.
  • Feel free to delete text you don’t need.
  • If you need more room, or want different colors and fonts, feel free to contact Eleanor to customize your downloadables.
  • Make sure you have a quality printer at home, or, if you have one nearby, take the template to a professional printer.
  • Make sure to score anything that you want to fold.

Also, check out Eleanor’s hindsight guest blog for more tips and hindsight advice on printing your own wedding invitations.