Snowy Tennessee Portrait + Inspiration Shoot

It’s snowing across the country! Winter may have come late in my neck of the woods this year, but it finally came–as it always does in the mountains. In honor of the loveliness of winter and the beauty of snow, Smoky Mountain wedding photographer, JoPhoto sent this dreamy portrait session along!

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From the Photographer:

It doesn’t snow very often in Knoxville, TN, but when it does, we try our best to take advantage of it by taking snow wedding photos! That’s exactly what happened yesterday, when Mother Nature decided to dump about 5 inches of snow in Knoxville. We woke up to snow falling, and as soon as we realized it wasn’t going to stop, we packed up our camera bags and threw on our snow gear.

We met Ellen and Jake for snow wedding photos, and it was a gorgeous snowy afternoon! We made our trek out to an old dilapidated general store as snow flakes were falling all around them. Ellen’s floral shawls were perfect for her, adding a soft colorful look to their snow wedding photos.

Ellen and Jake got married in Knoxville in October of 2011, and we also photographed their wedding.

Knoxville Wedding Vendors

Photographer:  JoPhoto  | Dress Store: White Lace & Promises

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Mountainside Bride Preferred vendorsJoPhoto is a distinguished member of the Mountainside Guide, an exclusive vendor directory featuring the best and most reliable mountain wedding vendors in North America. Mountainside Guide members are screened and vetted for quality of work, reliability, and professionalism, both among their peers and on review web sites.

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      Thank you so much Brenda!We don’t get much snow here in Tennessee, so we had a blast when it was dumping on us, ha ha!

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    That little house looks straight out of the Hunger Games :) And I completely adore that floral pattern scarf!!

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      Thank you Rebekah! That house is amazing, and it’s leaning over the road too, ha ha! The floral scarf was absolutely perfect for her, I completely agree! Thank you for your sweet comments!

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      Thank you Stephanie! Snow is so rare here in Tennessee, we were super pumped to get out in it and take wedding photos! We had a blast — I wish we had snow more often here in Knoxville! Thank you!

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      Thank you Ariana! We really appreciate your sweet comments! We had a blast in the snow with this couple!

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    This is adorable! Snow is romantic… I’ll admit that.