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Woodland Style Shoot

colorful rustic woodland wedding ideasImage from Camilla Binks & Brienne Poole via The Wedding Chicks

Spotted a dreamy woodland-style shoot over on The Wedding Chicks this week. Two things struck me:

  1. How peasant feathers and fiddlehead ferns are fast becoming classic woodland bouquet staples (um, yay!)
  2. How you don’t need to spend a lot of money to add pretty little details to your wedding. Look at those copper plates and kettles. If you have your heart set on copper, you can easily find pieces in thrift stores. However, I suggest you simply look around your, your parent’s, or even your grandparent’s houses and see what’s available. Use what you have to personalize your wedding details.


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 Two Women Walk into a Courthouse in Asheville…

Two women, who have been partnered for thirty years, walk into a courthouse in Asheville, NC and request a marriage license. They were denied. Meanwhile, K+C announce their divorce after 72 days.

Rightfully disturbed and disgusted, Walt Hawkins of the Huffington Post questions the so-called sanctity of marriage and how gays and lesbians will supposedly erode at that sanctity. It’s a good read. Find it here.

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Christie Osborne
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  1. says

    Thank you so much for the link Christie! And I loved what you wrote here too. One spoiled person throws something away which so many others are denied…such a shame. One can only hope she learns some sort of lesson from all of this.

    Anyhow, I LOVE your blog & I’m so glad we connected! Btw, The Hubby and I are in So. Cal and travel to Mammoth quite often. We should definitely get together the next time we come up :-)