In Defense of Peonies and Mason Jars

Pink peonies and blue mason jars
I am slightly horrified by this reader email that landed in my inbox recently. Do we need to send a clearer message about wedding expectations and wedding self-esteem?
Hi, Hindsight Bride,

I love your mountain wedding blog . I’m wondering:

I thought I’d use mason jars and peonies but am now reconsidering since your guest post. Would you consider antique silver mercury vases a rustic or elegant decor?

If I used them instead of mason jars to pair with periwinkle blue tablecloths and rustic tree bark slices and burlap runners would that clash? My venue has a ton of different table decor to pick from and not sure what to use to achieve a chic rustic look but with a little elegance thrown in without clashing or looking schizophrenic? Do you have any thoughts?

I would love your opinion,
N~,  a mountain bride-to-be
My first response: Oh no! Go with your heart girl. It doesn’t matter what I or anybody else thinks!!!
Look, I LOVE mason jars and peonies! Seriously, I love them. Peonies are definitely classic and will remain so, and I think mason jars are well on their way to becoming classic too. And don’t get me started on wooden rounds and burlap – I love them too. Why? Because I’m a mountain girl and such things make sense to me. They make sense within the context of a mountain environment.
I also love them because they are inexpensive and are rooted in the make-do tradition of the mountains.
But here’s the real deal: Nobody but you is looking at wedding magazines and blogs. None of your wedding guests will look at your mason jars and say, “Really? Mason jars? That’s so last year! I’m leaving this instant.” They are going to look at your mason jars and burlap and say, “Oh that’s so sweet.” or “Wow, that’s different, I hadn’t seen that before.” or “That’s soooo N~!” (which is always the best.)
Here’s the other real deal: You need to do what makes sense to you and what is practical from a financial standpoint. The best thing the Hindsight Groom and I ever did was pay cash for our two weddings. We started our marriage debt-free and, after that fleeting day, were able to focus on our relationship and move forward. (OK, not entirely. I am a wedding blogger after all, so it’s still all weddings, all the time. But you know what I mean.)

The point is, this celebration is for you, your fiancee, and your family and friends. It’s not mine or any other bloggers day. It’s not your wedding vendor’s day. It’s your day. Do what makes sense to you. Peonies, mason jars, twine, burlap, whatever!

Christie Osborne
Christie Osborne has lived in or visited every mountain range in the US. Once a mountain bride herself, she's dedicated to helping mountain brides plan their weddings and find the perfect vendors. She's known in the blogging world for her no-nonsense attitude, and she loves to ski. Follow Mountainside Bride on Twitter Facebook and Pinterest.
Christie Osborne
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Christie Osborne


  1. Old Enough To Be Your Mom says

    I can assure everyone that thirty years ago, the flowers that florists used for weddings, or anything else for that matter, was far more restricted than what is available today. So anyone who is tired of seeing certain flowers today would have been miserable way back then.

    Growers and florists branched out and now we have real variety in flowers, plants and containers. The only thing you need to consider is the venue, what’s available, and your own taste.

  2. says

    Can I put my 2cents worth in pretty please? Especially as the instigator of this bride’s angst!

    Mountain Bride To-Be – you’re already going with burlap and tree-rounds, your goal is rustic chic. You might as well go whole hog with the mason jars. Remember the end of my post: Go big, or go home.

    Now, what I’d love to see in those mason jars are some wild-flower style blooms. Blue Lupins, yellow ranunculus, and anemonies. Or, if you love the soft look of peonies, I bet your guests haven’t seen a peach hydrangea:

    And here’s my guilty confession: I’m throwing a Halloween party on Saturday, and when I was trying to think of a way to affordably get 16 matching drinking glasses for apple cider, I thought: Mason Jars.

  3. says

    Yes yes yes! I especially like your comment about guests- it’s true. Unless they’re someone like me (which I think a lot of friends are afraid to invite me to their weddings or talk to me about their weddings lol) or they helped you plan the wedding, they have no idea what’s popular for weddings right now. In fact, most of them haven’t experienced mason jars and peonies to the extent that people are b*tching about. Don’t care about what people will think- do what you like and what is YOU. :)

  4. says

    I personally love peonies in mason or canning jars. They look fabulous and the jars are really inexpensive too.

  5. says

    Peonies in mason jars are a great idea! I love the vintage look it gives for a wedding. And the jars are very inexpensive and easy to find so you cannot go wrong.