Hot New Trend for 2011: Brides {Heart} Hearts

Oh and I {Heart} Hearts too!

Hearts have long symbolized the sweetest and most innocent love–a pure love that knows no bounds and is unconditional. No wonder they are making a comeback in a big way. But rather than cheesy plastic hearts available in the wedding section of Walmart (blat), 2011 brides are expressing themselves with hand-crafed heart-shaped details. There is something so sweet about both the asthetic and the endeavor of making little hearts. It reminds me of making home-made Valentines for school. Remember putting that extra bit of glitter onthe Valentine for your sweetest crush or BFF? Awwwww…

paper hearts
Image from Simply Bloom Photography via The Knotty Bride


heart shaped pillows say "Just Married"

Image from Kim Le via Style Me Pretty


hearts drawn on bottom of bridesmaids shoes

Image from {unknown} via The Knot
*NOTE: I generally do not post images from the knot for the very reason the you must log in to see it and they do a piss-poor job of crediting their vendors. This is a case in point, and if it weren't so cute and original, I would find somethings else. I just had to explain my conflicted feelings and reason for using an image from The Knot.


heart shaped wands
Image from Hugh Forte via Green Wedding Shoes


heart shaped cupcake toppers with buttons
Image from Kim Le Photography via Style Me Pretty

Christie Osborne
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Christie Osborne
Gorgeous fall bouquet from a lovely Utah wedding. Photography by @peppernix #RusticWedding - 10 hours ago
Christie Osborne


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    Lovely! Such sweet pics. Although I'm so glad you came out and said that about The Knot. I too only link to a pic from there when I don't find it elsewhere, for exactly the same reasons!

    • says

      @Lizzie There surely is something so sweet about hearts, buttons, and cupcakes.
      @Gaby, yeah I was on the fence about slamming the Knot because unless I have something nice to say on HSB, I don’t say anything at all. But it’s not fair not credit the vendors who make these weddings amazing. And, it’s my blog. I’m the boss of me. So I decided that I wouldn’t fire myself for printing a little well-deserved criticism toward The Knot ;-)