Vintage Wedding Trend: Lockets and Such

Five Ways to Incorporate Lockets into Your Wedding

I am a sentimental women by birth and I'm a historian by training. Therefore it should surprise no one that I absolutely love the "some thing old" part of the wedding. Lockets are particularly awesome in my book.  I have an old locket from my late grandma. Inside she kept a pictures of her parents and of me as a baby. When ever I need to feel strong, beautiful or otherwise kick-ass, I wear my grandmother's locket: at a job interview, when I was in plays during high school and when speaking publicly. While I brought it to my wedding, I didn't end up wearing it. (dumb!)

Anyway, there are a number of ways to incorporate heirloom lockets and such in your wedding. In your bouquet, in his boutonniere, and of course, around your neck. Check out some of my favorite examples from around the web.

1. Bridal Jewelry

If you have a cool vintage dress or something like this romantic peach colored dress that looks great with a vintage locket, go for it girl! Here the bride walks down the aisle with wedding pictures of here grandparents. How sweet is that?

heart shaped locket
Image from Anna Rozenblat via Martha Stewart Weddings

2. Groom's Boutonniere

Brides aren't the only ones who can wear heirloom jewelry. Here the couple converted a vintage watch into a locket boutonniere with a picture of the groom's grandparents. Awesome!

locket boutonniere
Image from Anna Rozenblat via Martha Stewart Weddings

3. Bouquet Lockets

I wish I had thought of this. My dress didn't lend itself well to simply wearing my grandmother's locket around my neck. I wish I had had in incorporated into my bouquet. What a brilliant idea!

locket in a bouquet
Image from Jenna Walker Photographers via Style Me Pretty

4. Vintage Cameo

If you don't have any vintage heirloom lockets but still love all things vintage you can pick up vintage cameos online or at flea markets fairly cheaply. Wear them or decorate with them. Alternately, if you have some extra money laying around, you can have a portrait cameo custom made. Check out UK cameo artist Gareth Eckley for examples.

vintage camio
Image from Etsy Seller MinusOne

5. Tiny Little Lockets

Again, if you don't have your own lockets, you can buy them. Use these as decor, or give them to your bridesmaids to walk down the aisle with. Include a special picture inside.

vintage bronze hearts
Image from Etsy Seller BunnySundries

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  1. says

    I want! Very beautiful lockets and such. I only have one heirloom from my great grand pa and I am pretty sure I can't wear that to a wedding. The custom cameo portraits are awesome. I think they would be a great gift at a wedding or anywhere, pretty hard to top that.

    • says

      @Lizzie Girl, stop! I’ve seen CTRL-P on Etsy. You have mad creative skills. I can’t wait to see your wedding!
      @Joshua Yeah, I like the idea of custom cameos too. What a sweet gift. Or If your grandma is no longer with us, and you can’t wear your heirloom jewelry, why not get a cameo made in their image to wear?

  2. says

    That is a great idea but I would love a cameo in my image haha. It was my great grandfather's semi-heirloom, I say that because he took it from a german soldier during WWII, he kept it until he gave it to my grandpa and then he gave it to me. I would love to wear but a german iron cross is probably not something to sport around.