Amazing Peacock Cake with Colors on the Inside

I just got the newest adition of The Brides Book in the mail. (Thanks Lenore!) Anyway, I am completely blown away by these peacock inspired cakes in the Charleston section! Take a close look my friends. The colorful pieces of the inside of this cake look lightly frosted inbetween them, which means a lot of hand crafting by the talented Kelly Holder from U Designs Event Planning. Brie LeBret, also from U Designs Event Planning, photographed this the inspiration shoot.

multi-colored peacock cake


Peacock Cakes

Images from Brie LeBret via The Brides Book

Christie Osborne
Christie Osborne has lived in or visited every mountain range in the US. Once a mountain bride herself, she's dedicated to helping mountain brides plan their weddings and find the perfect vendors. She's known in the blogging world for her no-nonsense attitude, and she loves to ski. Follow Mountainside Bride on Twitter Facebook and Pinterest.
Christie Osborne
A delightful Apple Cider #cocktail and #wedding inspiration for #fall by @HeyWeddingLady - 21 hours ago
Christie Osborne


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      Thanks for the lovely comments! Glad you all liked these. I get into these cake-moods. often times for no reason, but these cakes made me nearly fall out of my chair. I had such an urge to make one yesterday, but decided to fight web hosting problems instead ;-)

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    oh wow.  i've never seen ANYTHING like that before!  beautiful!!!


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