Modern and Romantic Cakes: It’s all about Texture

Oh D.C. brides aren't you a bunch of lucky ducks!

When I stumbled across this cake over on Little Lovely I nearly fell out of my chair. It is wonderfully romantic and charming, yet insanely elegant. When I clicked over to Maggie Austin Cake to see the rest of the portfolio I couldn't believe the eye candy! These cakes in part invoke old fashioned cakes frosted into swirls with a butter knife. Yet the architecture and design are artfully precise and controlled. As one might expect with any piece of art, these cakes do not come cheaply. Prices start at $10 per slice, based on the intricacy of the design. I say these cakes alone are good reason to reduce that guest list!

two tier cake with delicate ruffles and a gum paste rose on top
Image from Maggie Austin Cake via Little Lovely


Orange petal cake


frilly bridal gown cake



Two tier ruffles and hydrangea cake


asymmetric wedding cake

~All Images from Maggie Austin Cake~

Christie Osborne
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Christie Osborne
Colorful Colorado Wedding. Photo by @SarahRoshan See more of her work: - 4 hours ago
Christie Osborne


  1. says

    I really love the first and the third wedding cakes. I think the textures and layers are very beautiful : )

  2. says

    Oh my , these are lovely. I am falling in love!!!!

  3. says

    these gave me goosebumps!  yes…cakes can give me goosebumps (I used to be a wedding cake decorator…did you know that?)  anyway – FAB finds.
    I love LOVED the texture of our wedding cake.  I'll have to bust that post out soon!!!

  4. says

    I love that first cake, it still has me thinking, "How'd they do that?"! It's so wonderful and amazing! It just looks so fluffy that you wouldn't want to touch it to mess it up!

    • says

      @Jes + @Diana I know! Right? It is amazing? Maggie, the mad talent behind Magpie Cakes has tremendous skill and an eye for sublime elegance. I love them too.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out her website for more wonderful cakes and some outstanding gum paste action. There is a bird’s nest I almost included that is well worth the click!

  5. Nicole says

    A friend of mine is in love with these cakes (what bride-to-be wouldn't??) and we were trying to find a way to do it ourselves, or to ask a baker. But I was going to ask here first to see if any of you know what that ribbon like texture is made out of in that first cake? Or if its a technique? Or edible ribbon?
    Thanks ladies!

    • says

      That’s a great question Nicole. I have to say, while I love making cakes, (and I made my own wedding cake) I am not a decorator, nor am I am artist or sculptor. Plain buttercream and feather butterflies was all I could do.

      I am assuming that everything Maggie does is edible. I am assuming that the ribbon like texture is either chocolate or gumpaste. The small black ribbon may be something else. However, if you are doing your own cake, and you use ribbon, make sure if you use ribbon, you get waterproof ribbon that will not absorb the grease from the buttercream. You can find waterproof ribbon at floral supply stores.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I suspect that, in addition to having amazing vision, Maggie is also an artist. Her techniques are beyond average cake bakers like me ;-) Are you an artist?